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Please help my dr hasn't &its driving me crazy &i'm scared

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  • Posted By: lilladybugg22
  • April 24, 2007
  • 05:16 AM

I'm 25 &I have had a cronic cough for more then 1yr now. I have really bad GERD which has been under controll for 6mos or so, cronic sinusitis, and IBS. I have tried antihysimens, cough suppressants, decongestants, and mucinex. I am having shortness of breath &a feeling in my chest like i am tired of breathing &going 2 stop at any minute. I have had a chest X-ray (for cancer ¬hing found), i've been checked for asthma &no wheezing. The cough is awful sometimes like a broncitis cough hurting in my chest &harsh. I cough up nasal dranage which i can not get under control. What could this be? Can coughing make ur lungs feel this way? What else could this be? I've also had panic attacks since i was 16 this is not panic! I am also having a coughing spasms which sometimes takes my breath away. Evrytime this happens i am seen or listened to &they tell me nothing is wrong but i know my body &there is something wrong just not sure what.

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  • Are you a smoker? Or work in a field that surrounds you with smokers?
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  • Hi! Maybe you've already done this, but have they tested you for allergies? Or--could this be a hyper-sensitivity to anything you might be using such as perfumed products, cleaning products, etc.? Also, have you tried other doctors? Best of luck and God bless. You're in my prayers.
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  • i have tried 2nd oppinions this is actually my 3rd dr. Not 2 meantion all the dr.'s i've seen at ER's thinkin i was going into some type of resporatory arrest. I do not smoke i did off &on for abt 10yrs i was luckily enough 2just be able 2lay them down when i wanted to. I live in a house of smokers though. I try 2stay away from them as much as poss because it smothers me. I have also been tested for allergies and i am allergic 2dust mites. And they are hard to stay away from them. Our house is constantly dusty, &vacums dont help the situation (which is why i continue to have sinusits).All of that aside i am concerned w/ the way i breathe at times dr.'s have found nothing but i still get to feeling like i am tired of breathing could this be a resporatory disease or just the constant coughing? Someone please give me a little more insight
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  • Ladybug PLEASE go to www.ahummingbirdsguide.com your sx are there write down as many as you have, take info to dr... You are not crazy and neither are the hundreds of other people on this site having similar symptoms. On home page to L is symptoms, click at bottom of first paragraph is a link for summary of symptoms...there you will find all of your symptoms and things you never really thought were actual symptoms because they seem too random or unrelated...Good luck and God Bless...mommy cat
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