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please help my 2 year old daughter.

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  • Posted By: amanda dolhay
  • July 29, 2011
  • 09:01 PM

Our daughter is two years old and has been sick for almost half of her life and the doctors have no idea what is wrong with her.She is expieriencing reaccoring feavers, bad cough,rash,and vomiting.If anyone knows anything about this condition please help.We are getting desperate for her to feel better and not have to keep going threw this anymore.Its been miserable.

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  • Ive seen that some children tend to just got a lot of coughs, colds etc during their early years so hopefully its just something like that and that things will improve as she gets older. Does she tire easy and is less active then normal children too? (thou one could expect that symptom anyway in an ill child). Doctors are only good when it comes to common illnesses and when they cant diagnose.. time to bring in all the specialists. Have you taken her to an allergist? if you havent done so you should do so. Rash and vomiting could indicate allergy kind of issue. Allergy things can also cause a cough (not sure about a bad cough thou). The fevers thou and when you say bad cough makes me think its probably more then a just an allergy (or allergy alone). It could also be some kind of immune issue causing her to have flu like symptoms and vomiting. I suggest also take her to see an immunologist. If you then still are out of luck.. check out the following illness and its symptoms http://wwcoco.com/cfids/bernesx.html This illness is the most common illness causing LONG TERM school absenteeism in children....................... The following would be uncommon but not unheard of as it does happen in children and even young ones (thou many dont realise this fact) is that she could have ME also known as Chronic fatigue immunity dysfuction disorder (CFIDS) and CFS. This illness typical is very flu like (60-95% with it get fevers and 20% with it get vomiting, up to 45% get rashes and 75-80% with it get reincurring illnesses and infections .. it can cause all kinds of rashes) and CFIDS does affect all age groups, the thing is this would be very hard to diagnose in one so young as many of its symptoms used in diagnoses cant be seen eg you may not know if she's also got a bit of a headache at times or is having trouble thinking or forgetting things.. http://sacfs.asn.au/download/consensus_overview_me_cfs.pdf page 2 on that overview has how this illness is diagnosed. (note this illness is actually historic ME.. and not the same as CFS but which now gets thrown as a patient subgroup into CFS so often are refered to being the same.. a international definiton is currently being made (its in draft) to clearly help separate the two things.. ME and CFS. Anyway.. check out page 2 symptom diagnostic criteria which is currently the best official definition which more describes ME, which your child would be more likely to have if it was this causing her issues rather then CFS. She currently is meeting part 6 and 7 of the 7 part diagnostic criteria (part 3 and 4 of the diagnostic criteria arent necessary for a diagnoses). So ask yourself.. could she be meeting the rest of this diagnostic criteria? 1,2 and 5 and have this illness? (as i said.. very hard to tell in a child that young). If it is this problem.. the vomiting in it can be being caused by reactivating viruses in the body, food issues or issues with the sympathetic nervous system going on leading to vomiting... so its a case of working out which of those things is causing the vomiting symptom in it. Most CFIDS people have issues with intollerances or allergies to food. I really hope you find its something else, it may well be something else as she's too young yet to be able to tell if its ME. IF it is.. you will find many more symptoms coming to your attention eg IBS (is her bowels working normal or is she getting diarhear too or diarhea with constipation or predominantly constipation kind of IBS. 50-90% of CFIDS patients end up with IBS). So keep an eye out for other common CFIDS symptoms to work out how likely this is to be the problem. If she was older and if it was known if she's suffering also from fatigue esp post exertional fatigue too.. Id suggest to take her to a ME/CFS specialist due to the symptoms she has and the fact your doctors cant find what is wrong but due to her age this would be pointless at this point as ME specialist wouldnt be able to tell all the symptoms she's having either which often cant be easily seen. I truely hope your child hasnt this (if she has she has more chance of recovery then an adult).
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