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PLEASE HELP ME!! MY GP is stumped and I don't know how to get better!!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 4, 2007
  • 08:03 PM

Hi all!

This is a long story, but I will try to make it as short as possible.
I am a 31 year old non-smoking, female. It all began early Jan of this year, when I got violently ill (vomiting) which lasted a couple of days. I had no other symptoms, so I chalked it up to the "cruise ship virus" which was on our local news report as going around. I didn't go to the dr. I got better after 3-4 days.

Started getting SEVERE stomach pain to the point I would have to sit in my chair with my knees drawn up to my chest. Went to the dr. in Feb, and he figured it was IBS, and set me up with an appt with a Gastro Dr. My appt wasn't until May, and I didn't know how I was going to make it until then. He gave me Librax which helped sometimes, and Darvacet for the pain.

Then, the beginning of April, I woke up one morning with blister like pustules on my upper lip and under my chin. They hurt really bad, but I was trying to take care of them at home as I weren't sure what they were. I noticed I had a hard time smiling on the side that had the pustules, but I thought it was just because the skin was taught from being irritated. Finally, after 8 days, I went to the dr. about them and was diagnosed with Shingles. I was given an anti-viral drug and prednisone. Several days later, I noticed my right half of my face started drooping, esp the mouth and eye, and my right ear hurt really bad. I also felt like I couldn't hear out of it, and certain sounds were almost unbearable for me to hear--anything over a telephone I couldn't stand to hear as it hurt my ear. I also suffered dizziness, and when I bent over I lost my balance. Went back to the dr. and was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy. Dr. said it should improve on its own and to wait it out.

Since my hearing was still bothering me, my dr. set me up with an ENT, who confirmed my suspicions of Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome. This is a complication of shingles and affects the hearing. He also conducted a hearing test and could tell that my right ear was less that my left, but not enough to need a hearing aid, etc. He, too, felt it was a waiting game, and that everything should just clear up on its own. However, with shingles, it is best to get treatment within 5-7 days of onset, and I didn't receive mine until day 8, so he also let me know that it could be permanant. In the meantime, I also developed thrush in my mouth and throat--it was horrible!!

Also, in my I went to my gastro dr. who told me I had giardia (parasite) condition, and also conducted a colonoscopy due to family history of colon cancer. He found a pollup (sp?), but it came back benign. I took the antibiotic for the giardia, and my stomach pain completely disappeared. He also thought that I had had it since January when I first got sick.

My drooping face started to improve; however, my ear pain was almost unbearable. Again, I was put on Darvocet for the pain, and told to wait it out. I started exp extreme fatigue to the point I couldn't sit up in bed. I also started getting these skin erruptions around my mouth. I have had those erruptions (looks like acne bumps that won't go away) since April. My dr. doesn't think there's anything wrong with those. I had to go out on disability from my job for about 10 weeks total due to the extreme fatigue, ear pain, etc. I have gained 30 pounds in 3 months from not being able to get out of my bed.

I have been on phentermine in the past (prescribed by a different dr.) to try and help with appetite suppressing. I have been on that off on on for approx 2-3 years. Mostly on it during those years. I had been off of it this year, but my dr suggested putting me back on it for the energy. Phentermine is now the only way I can function and get out of my bed.

Now, here are the new symptoms that has him stumped. I developed a low grade fever 4 weeks ago, without any other symptoms--no sore throat, colds, etc. My fever ranges from 99.2-100.0 every single day. This is very odd for me because my normal temp is 97.1-97.5. He ran a CBC, urine test, and SED test. He said CBC and urine came back fine, and he said the SED test was normal at 22 (although when I look it up on the internet, it says it should be under 20) Now, 4 days ago I developed lowever mid back pain that feels more stiff and sore than anything else, and 3 days ago, I started getting night sweats. The night sweats are concerning me as I have never had those before in my life.

I know this was long, and I thank you so much if you have made it this far. Does anyone have any ideas? What to do? Who to see? I would greatly appreciate ANY information you have!!

I am so sick of feeling like this!

Thank you,


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  • Sounds like a bad case of shingles; not only on face/ear but now has gone into lower back. The other problem could have been food poisoning and you have a dignosis of a parasite, so I would go with both of those conditions.
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