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  • Posted By: Raven Storm
  • July 21, 2007
  • 09:33 PM

I have a lot of diagnoses to diagnose the symptoms, but could I have a syndrome or 2? I really want to find out why do I have so much pain, especially in my back and why so often?

Lost baby due to symptoms of infection (Doctors don't know what the infection was) also had a pelvic infection the year I had my child who is still alive and later had another infection called BV
Arthritis, scar tissue, muscles never healed right, muscle spasms (Related to back pain from car accidents effects on back, neck, upper shoulder blade areas)
Lower back and upper back sprains
Migraine and Tension Headaches
Allergies, hay fever, rhinitis, Recurring sinusitis and bronchitis, asthma, asthmatic bronchitis, bronchial asthma
"Floaters" - Black squiggley lines I see sometimes
Rarely blurred vision (happened more often when I was pregnant)
High blood pressure
Apthous ulcers and acidic stomach
Vitamin K deficiency (resolved)
Anemia (resolved)
Sometimes unexplained bruises
Sometimes the bottoms of my feet ache to the point where I can barely walk
The other day just before it rained, my whole body ached
Severe edema and severe weight gain when pregnant with first child but 2nd pregnancy lost weight and was sick most of it
Chest Pains that vary in symptoms
very pale skin, sensitive to light, heat, and sound sometimes
sickly appearance whereas I used to look pretty
Creptis in neck (neck made crack-crackity-crack noises when I moved it)
hip pain (resolved by chiropractic treatment)
morning stiffness
genital itching that should have been resolved with diflucan, all the other yeast symptoms went away except the itching which decreased
Nose bleeds as a teen (seems to have resolved)
general itching and sometimes occasional bumps, and a non-itching bump on my left arm at the elbow
a strange patch on my left wrist where I used to have bumps, now looks like pock marks or injection sites--I had the bumps as a child and doctors did not know what it was
Felt like I had joint pains even as an athletic teenager but now I become so incapicitated by pain that I have trouble getting housework done and can't do heavy lifting
Occasional knee pains (started feeling as a teenager and thought it was just growing pains)
Today I had severe itching on my feet, the tops and bottoms while I took a shower. After I dried off and the itching went away, no more itching for now. I am still also getting over my last physical flareup of pain in my upper back.
Gas, bloating, stomach pain, Nausea and sometimes vomiting
yo-yo weight
alterred perception and behavior (especially surrounding severe pain flareups)The last time I went to a doctor, he said I'm not as sick as I think I am. It seems like doctors and some counselors don't usually think there's anything wrong with me. I have been to doctors, hospitals, chiropractors, physical therapists, psychologists, counselors, and a neurologist. I have the most excruciating upper back/shoulderblade pain that feels like it goes down my spine. The pain comes and goes usually just before it rains or when I do certain things and it flares up. My headaches became more severe after the car accidents. I don't recall having any back pain before the car accidents. One accident in which I became very sick was vomiting a lot, had trouble answering questions at first, and may have even passed out. I do not recall my head hitting the dash, but on my fash there was a red mark across my nose.
My mother died with heart problems one year after a severe nosebleed and had diabetes, 2 of my aunts have had cancer (one with back cancer in which her back bones broke and I think it was a rare form of cancer) and both had back pains, my brother has mentioned back pains and taking medications for it and that the cause is sleeping on different beds as he travels at times, my cousin had to have his operated on--something about a slipped or herniated disc or something and I think pinched nerves. I was also told that my mother (may have) had rheumatoid arthritis (she had a lot of pain and got shots for her knees, surgery for her shoulder rotator cup and went back under for physical manipulation, and had a lot of painkillers) and that my (great) grandmother had rheumatism. My maternal grandfather had angina, nosebleeds, and cancer. My paternal grandmother had diabetes and a stroke, which I heard was what killed her.

It seems like the only people who believe me are chiropractors and physical therapists. I had to be misdiagnosed with a "viral condition" during my period and repeatedly the doctors piled drugs on me that cause interactions and wanted to put me on mental pills, and finally after a couple months, I had to go to the hospital to find out that particular case was dysmenorrhea. By the time those misdiagnosing doctors got done with me, I was afraid to even tell the hospital staff what my symptoms were because I thought that they'd think it was just stress and nothing wrong with me too. But they did figure out my symptoms before I even told them all.

My husband seems frustrated by all this, and tells me it's in my head, and his mother has told me calls it a nervous condition when she has been diagnosed with a syndrome and should know what pain feels like.

When I have my pain that keeps me from living my life, it is like I am not really living at all. It is not much of a life to live like this. And to feel like hardly anyone believes me.

Please help me! I know those car accidents weren't all in my head, and I know that the other physical problems that people can see are not in my head. I just need to know what's going on and how to fix it. I am supposed to go to my husband's doctor Monday, but I don't know if this will be another case of there's nothing wrong with you, it's just stress, etc.

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  • Does anyone know what could cause these or if they are all seaparate conditions?
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  • all symtoms joining together,hard to diagnose.you need to check each system one by one,to rule out disease.
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  • Does anyone know what could cause these or if they are all seaparate conditions? It sounds like you have been through an awful lot and am sorry you are in such pain:( . There is a HUGE correlation between previously having an accident/trauma/injury and later developing an autoimmune condition. In my opinion, one treatment is able to explain AND TREAT this phenomenon very well, and it is called NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique). Please look into this. I think NAET would be incredibly helpful for you. When you experience a trauma, your brain and nervous system go awry, and it can lead your brain to signal a hyper immune response to certain specific stimulants, causing an allergic type reaction. This can progress and cause all sorts of degenerative problems. Please read the book Never Be Sick Again by Dr. Devi Nambudripad for an in depth look at this. With that said, you also have a lot of congenital things going on. It sounds like your immune system is pretty shot. Please also look into candida - genital itching is only one of the symptoms of this and it can cause many more systemic symptoms. Diflucan doesn't work well for everyone - candida is hard to get under control. Threelac is one of the best products for this IME. A good quality PROBIOTIC is essential for colon health and to boost the immune system. It seems like the only people who believe me are chiropractors and physical therapists Chiropractors, naturopaths, Acupuncturists and other holistically trained practitioners are trained to look at the WHOLE body. Western allopathic docs are not - just look at Xija's post above. The problem with allopathic medicine is that it never looks at connections and it rarely gets to the cause of illness. You end up getting shuffled from one specialist to another in a cycle that can be endlessly frustrating. Please just look at NAET. It has changed my life, and many others I know. Best wishesDOM
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  • Im not saying you havent got things wrong health wise but it does appear to me that you have anxiety going on (or depression). You are worrying about EVERYTHING, things most people wouldnt at all worrry about. For example "my brother has mentioned back pains and taking medications for it and that the cause is sleeping on different beds as he travels at times, my cousin had to have his operated on--something about a slipped or herniated disc or something and I think pinched nerves." Completely unnecessary worrying about things that aint even relevent to your case. I suggest some kind of anti anxiety, antidepressant tablets, after you have that in control, deal with the other stuff then. Anxiety also makes other things worse eg IBS symptoms can worsen with stress and will make you notice any little thing going on (things most people wouldnt at all even worry about). I noticed too that you posted things in the worst possible light eg not just listed certain problems as a symptom eg IBS.. but then listed later on.. the symptoms of it which you have (instead of lumping it all together as the one problem it is).. so ended up making it, via a longer list, making things look worst. (You did this same thing also with all the arthritis symptoms. Arthritis can cause creptis, morning stiffness, joint pains etc. Things like this aint separate to it). You do certainly have several things going on.. but you need to deal with the stress and worry you are doing and do something about that. For IBS, i take probotics and fibre supplements, if you aint already taking these I suggest you do so. For Dysmenorrhea, I found in my case (as it does with many women) calicum 1200 mg daily fixed it, so you could try that. (I found it can take 2-3 mths of being on it daily before one notices the positive effects from it, if its going to help you). Hay fever, allergies.. in my case I found vitamin C helps that. I take 1 gram daily (and then I dont get the stuffy nose I get otherwise). You may find you need to take morning and night for best results (if its going to help you) as Vit C is water soluable and doesnt stay in the body for long. knee pain.. I used to limp cause of that and ended up after several mths when the limp had gotten constant.. someone recommended me taking a "tissue salt". This fixed the problem almost right away. Ive forgotten now which one I tried, but if you asked at a natural health place which sells this.. they may be able to advise. It may be worth while giving this a go.If something else is out in your body (hips, back) it could end up giving you knee pain. Sounds like your body has really had a bashing with the accidents you have been in, so it's a good idea to stay with your chiro care. Dont worry too much about things which are in the past and no longer an issue, they are PAST. Worrying about past things is sign of depression and anxiety. I used to get terrible daily nose bleeds as a child, so much so I had surgery due to them (doctors removed my tonsils cause of it, thou ive no idea how that was relevent), do i worry about them now as they are in the past.. NO. Get treatment for your stress and depression. St John Wort can work just as good as the SSRI (depression) drugs for many and with less side effects. So if you are against pharmacutical drugs, you could try this.
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  • Endometriosis? Rheumatoid arthritis, osteo-arthritis (gettin' old)?
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  • Thank you for responding. I plan on getting that book and reading that as well as following ideas mentioned on here. Thank you. If anyone else has additional ideas or wants to confirm anything, please feel free to post it.
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  • To me a large part of your problems seems to be related to nutrition. How well do you eat? You mentioned that you were anemic? You should at least take a daily supplement. If you have trouble with pills take a liquid or a chewable vitamin. Do you have heavy periods? You mentioned that at one point that you had a vitamin K deficiency which can be caused by heavy and/or long periods. Nose bleeds and bruises can be caused by a vitamin C deficiency. You can get liquid iron at the supermarket as well as a vitamin store. Please take a course or read up on nutrition! Even if you think that you are eating well. It sounds like you have several issues going on!
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  • have you tried essential oils. I know they help headaches
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