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Please help me. I found a lump and am a hypochondriac!

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  • Posted By: lvsteven
  • May 12, 2011
  • 10:41 PM

Hi everyone,

I am new to everything and was wondering if someone could help me.

Basically last Christmas day I felt a small lump on my neck. It is/was
somewhat rubbery and depending on how I have my head is turned it
feels almost completely immobile or pretty "slidey" around the area.

This is about 2 inches above my collarbone and on the side of my neck, pretty close to my trapezeus muscle.

But small.
However I SWEAR that this thing gets smaller/larger up and down... its so tiny in a way, but not supposed to be there at all. about 5mm in size or less, but so not sticking out.

Imagine a grain of rice, cut in half at it's center () so you have a
cone looking thing.
Then over the course of a few months this has morphed. It actually
gets bigger/smaller as a day progresses and does not hurt at all,

No swelling, only I can see it. Well, can't see it only feel it.
Now it's after nearly five months it feels more elongated and like
it'd less protruding and flatter, but I'd say still very small...

Think of if you had clay, and you were to pinch and create a little lump on the surface. that lump is hardly raised (like a milimeter or two, three at most) and I suppose that is the best way to describe it.

So here are serious problems that make this far less cut and dry:


1. I'm a caffeine addict. Unfortunately I have quit this a few times and I still drink far too much of this. So much of an addict that trying to quit cold turkey last summer I went home mid day and slept FOUR HOURS with extreme headache, all put to rest when I had a can of diet pepsi.

Therefore guess what I am a lot of the time. That's right, TIRED! Now, I have curbed this in the last little while but I work outside doing timeshare sales sign ups in las vegas where its HOT so getting tired has been a way of life.

Am I fatigued? No I don't think so. I have been not eating during the day but take B vitamins and a multivitamin and feel okay.

2. I eat poorly a lot of the time. I am addicted to junk food. I can lose weight FAST when I want to but (thank GOD) I gain weight easilly when I do not work at eating well and I haven't seen any unexplained weight loss at all.

I am fixing my diet and started yesterday to get off the junk (doughnuts, crackers like Ritz and cheap $1 chicken burgers during the day, the wife cooks healthy at night)

3. I have had allergies my entire life. Bad ones. This can add to complexity of if its a swollen node or not I understand.

4. My gums have always bled with hard brushing. Never thought much of it but dummy me went online and now im all panicked. Even when eating an apple it can sorta cause little bleeding.

I clot FINE, three weeks ago cut the tip of a finger off, hit capilary and bled for hours but it clotted and now its almost 100% healed.

Then again i have a bruise that was really deep that hasnt totally gone away for almost a month.

Then again


-I don't have any chronic pain except the regular getting to be 30 years old and standing around all day, minor aches and pains... Minor headaches I suspect are caffeine related.

-No night sweats

-No severe itching

-No other cancer signs like rashes etc really...

-I have bad bouts of acne sometimes on my face or head area. sometimes these get scratched and sort of infected.

-Over this winter it was COLD and RAINY and i had the sniffles a lot, so thought this was the case, now its allergy season, who knows.

So my main thing is whether i should be as panicked as I tend to get. I mean, I am a hypocondriac by nature and the internet is where i LIVE so its about 100x worse when you read these things.

I cannot get to a doctor anytime soon... its just a cost my family CANNOT handle right now, so i have been waiting on it.

However its up/down nature and no other symptoms.

Please someone level with me and help me out. I mean, this isnt a place to diagnose but maybe if I am putting this way of out proportion someone can help me put it into perspective.

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