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PLEASE HELP ME! I am worrying about worrying!!!!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 18, 2007
  • 06:02 AM

I am not sure if I should be worried, or what I should think...

I am 24 and am usually the medical advocate- it is so hard to to that for yourself. I would really appreciate your help

About two and a halfish months ago, I noticed a lump on the left side of my neck measuring about 1cm.... a month later, it began to rapidly increase in size to about 2cm by 1 cm and a smaller lump of about 1 cm connected to it..... here are my questions, preceded by more specific info, etcetera....

info about lump..... to begin, it was smooth and firmish and moved very freely.... NOW is no longer as readily felt (feels like it has attached itself to the tendons) has increased in size... it has never been painful when pushed... NOW I have another one on the other side of my neck that is more firm and longer

- each is located 2 in above my collarbone on the side of my trap

-I have been experiencing weight loss (due to appetite) and fatigue, hot flashes followed by chills, a dryish cough (dr. says that it is poorly controlled athle. asthma)

-my full bloodwork (CBC, metabolic panel, strep, mono, lymes, thyroid) have all come back normal with the exception of low overall cholesterol (HDL is at 39).... I had an MRI with contrast 7 months ago for migraines-normal, x-ray-the same

-I was told by an emergie care physician that is was isolated node swelling, my Internal Medicine Doctor told me that is could just be a tendon cyst.....


- am I correct in my understanding of anatomy that it is most likely a lymph node - or maybe just a cyst

-regardless if it sounds to be a cyst, would it be unreasonable to request an FNA or biopsy.....

I am requesting hormone blood/serum levels and h-pylori testing at my physical in two weeks, is there anything else--tests or otherwise?,
I would really like some imput, I have felt yucky for so long

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  • See an EAr, Nose, Throat Dr. and get a needle biopsy and a tissue sample to be sent to a lab.
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  • I was worried too, for I had many seemingly unrelated symptoms. Coincidentally, many like yours. lump in neck(swollen lymph nodes)weight losspoor appetitefatiguehot flashes(which is actually facial flushing) do you sweat? is the flushing dry?chillsdry coughmigraines these are my symptoms too!!!!! but I have several moreLook into CFS. Many people are being diagnosed everyday. Doctors are beginning to realize this is a real disease. The Neurologist who diagnosed me told me I was a clear cut case of CFS. He also said the amount of people he is diagnosing with this disease has suddenly spikedA Neurosurgeon I saw for a cyst on my spine also asked his co-workers the week before he saw me..."Where is all of this CFS coming from?"It is happening, it is real, it is scary and hard not to worryListen, seriously, find a doc who does NAET or Bioset therapy.I have been sick for years and just recently went for 2 treatments. I am on my way for third one this am. I can't wait. I felt a little better after first on, much better after second and can't wait to wake up tomorrow after today's treatment. It is non-invasive, non-traditional and non-draining on the wallet. Good Luck and may you find comfort...mommy cat
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  • Went to the doctor again-- he was still not concerned-- thought that they were most likely tendon cysts since they feel like they are on them-- alothough, now I am getting two more-- one that is a a little higher on the left (feels a little deeper) and one on the left about an inch up from my collarbone... does anyone still think they are cysts-- what do you think could be causing them? I am not sure
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