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please help me

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  • June 7, 2010
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i suffered from 2 years ago from multiple symptoms and many doctors couldnot diagnose them . i suffered from severe fatigue,having headache almost time, shortness of breath , sleep disorders, nightmares , can,t wake up althaugh i sleep many hours, feeling sleepy , loss of concentration,diarhea,gases,vomitting, shakiness of hands , and depression
please help me

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  • Sounds like you have Chronic fatigue Immunity dysfunction (CFIDS) by that range of symptoms. http://wwcoco.com/cfids/bernesx.html The diarrhea issue would be probably a food issue due to the CFIDS or irritable bowel syndrome which happens in CFIDS. The diarrhea part problem can be treated by either IBS treatment or avoidance of any triggering things. I suggest for you to join a good CFIDS forum so at least you have some emotional support from ones with same symptoms. The "Not crazy" forum http://forum.notcrazy.net/ is a good one in which you can communicate with others and learn a lot more about CFIDS (which im quite sure you probably have. The CDC say that 80% with CFIDS are not diagnosed).
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  • i suffered from 2 years ago from multiple symptoms and many doctors couldnot diagnose them . i suffered from severe fatigue,having headache almost time, shortness of breath , sleep disorders, nightmares , can,t wake up althaugh i sleep many hours, feeling sleepy , loss of concentration,diarhea,gases,vomitting, shakiness of hands , and depression please help meHi there, I am a 24 year old male from New Zealand and I have been suffering the exact same symptoms as you have for around five years. It had gotten to the point where it was so bad that I had to give up my job and become home bound (that was 3 years ago). It was at this point I started upon a long journey in and out of doctors offices, websites and general research trying to find out the exact cause for my symptoms. As you can imagine without having a job, being able to afford numerous doctors visits and other expenses was very tough and really added to the severity and anxiety of my situation. My main symptoms were:1. Cronic depression (I had lost all excitement and enthusiasm for life, I would describe my situation as a walking corpse.) I knew although, my depression was the result of a medical condition rather than general depression. 2. Intense fatigue and exaustion/feeling rundown drowsy and sluggish and a general feeling of being unwell.3. Nausea which was prominent numerous times daily4. foggy and slowed mental activity, short term memory difficulties, feeling 'spaced out.'5.sleeping difficulties (would sleep sometimes for over 12 hours, and wen I did wake up would still feel unrefreshed.)6. irritated eyes and sensitive feeling in stomach.7.very loose stools almost diarreah, pale, yellowish color.I had every test done under the sun, you name it, i had it tested. I even had an MRI done. I have been through a total of 10 doctors including 2 specialists (endocronologist and neurologist). No doctor could find out what was wrong with me, they all kept saying I was depressed and shoving pills at me. But I didnt buy into that crap, you know your body and when something is wrong you just know on a gut instinct level. I found out that you really cant rely on doctors, you have to take your health into your own hands, they are only really good for getting blood tests and writing prescriptions anything else they are useless. This site really helped me out alot, when I hit rock bottom I would come on here and it made me feel better that I was not going through this alone (misery loves company). Anyway about 3 weeks ago I was doing some research on how problems with the liver/gallbladder and pancreas can cause symptoms of depression and fatigue. I had come across some pretty interesting information so I decided It was worth getting it checked out. I went to my current doctor and demanded blood tests for the above. When the results came through, I went in and picked them up. (ALWAYS pick up your test results and see them with your own eyes, you will not get informed of any abnormalities unless they are hugely out of range and/or very significant. You want to know what is out of range even if it is slight because this can give you clues on your eventual diagnosis.) When I picked my tests I was astonished to learn my total Bilirubin (liver function tests) was at 33 when the normal level is less than 21! The comment under it says it indicates the presence of gilberts syndrome. None of these 10 doctors ever told me I had Gilberts Syndrome, although one said "you have a slight elevation in one of your liver function tests but is nothing to worry about."When I went home I did some research about Gilberts syndrome, It turns out the general opinion amongst the medical community is that it usually a benign (has no symptoms) condition. So many MD's disregard it and therefore do not tell thier patients they have it. I came across a site; http://www.gilbertssyndrome.com and it accompaining web forums;http://gilbertsweb.yuku.com/Which lists every single one of my symptoms in extreme detail! Yes in the forum hundreds of people who are exactly like me, after years of searching have finally found a correct diagnosis for their symptoms. they all share the same frustrations with the medical community also. This proves that Gilberts is a real condition with real symptoms affecting real people and is definitly not a benign condition. As you could imagine I was furious, I had lost over five years of my life just due to the ignorance of doctors. At the same time however I was rejoiced, after years of searching I had finally found an answer. Maybe from now on I will be able to work and have a normal social life without all my friends and family thinking im crazy. I am going in to see the doctor at the end of the week to talk to hm about gilberts and possible treatment options, I know the product actigall lowers bilirubin also phenobarbital and many other possible natural remedies.Im sorry about the long post, but believe me I know what it is like not knowing what is wrong with you, doctors and everyone else thinking your crazy, but hang in there and keep on pressing you WILL find what you are looking for. If you are having similar symptoms to myself mentioned above (which I thnk you are) go get your Bilirubin levels checked out, If they are high you have gilberts no doubt about it, and dont take any crap from MD's that refuse to treat you because of its 'benign' stats, find someone else that will. You can contact me at freeryd3r@hotmail.com I have other suggests also which maybe able to help.
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