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Please help me :(

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  • Posted By: Andyc21
  • December 18, 2009
  • 01:10 AM

Hi everyone, well I don't really know where to start here.

I have had fatigue problems since I was a 14 year old, I am now 21 and I am suffering with fatigue worse than I ever did and I also have many symptoms that have started in the past year.

Up until I was 19-20 I had suffered with fatigue and feeling tired no matter how much sleep I got or how good my diet was etc... but I didn't really have any other problems except for dark circles under my eyes and acne.

The past year though I have developed these symptoms...

Muscles twitches all over my legs and sometimes my arms.
Really bad neck ache every day.
A few skin rashes on my torso at the sides of my stomach on both sides.
Joint clicking in the top of my arms, knees and elbows.
Anxiety and feeling depressed
Dry eyes, feel like they want to close all the time and feel sore and gritty
Sometimes can't concentrate on things, put something down and 2
minutes later forget where I put it.
Any bit of stress makes my blood pressure go through the roof and makes me feel like I can't cope with anyone or anything.
I get high blood pressure a lot aswell even when i'm not stressed out over something.

I have a really good diet and have done for the past 4 years. I eat vegetables, fruits, take vitamin supplements, zinc, eat fish every day, chicken. I get a lot of protein in my diet and I hardly ever have sugary carbs or fizzy drinks. I don't take any medications, never done drugs, hardly ever drink alcohol.

I have had a couple of blood tests done at the doctors over the years that came back apperantly as 'normal'
I went back in Spring this year and told her that my symptoms were getting worse and she reffered me to the hospital where I saw an Endocrinologist and he did numerous blood tests and they apperantly came back as 'normal' too.

I feel like I am a drug addict or alcoholic with my dark circles under my eyes and the fact I feel zoned out every single day :( Yet I take good care of myself. What the heck could be wrong with me!!??

Please can someone give me some advice, I am 21 years old but yet I feel like my life is ending already. I am getting worse as time goes on and people tell me i'm fine. I know i'm not.

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