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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 2, 2008
  • 06:30 PM

For the last 5 - 6 weeks I have experienced 5 attacks (4 out of 5 occuring during the night) of intense pain in my upper back which radiated around my sides and meets just under my ribs. The pain feels like a heavy, tightening and can last anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours. When the attacks occur I am often sick, I feel very week, have a severe headache and I NEED to move around/rock myself back and forth & keep changing position or the pain feels much worse. I have also lost alot of weight.

The attacks have been so bad each time I have called an ambulance twice & went to A&E twice myself. DRs found elevated liver enzymes. The only thing which has eased the pain so far is morphine. I had an ultrasound scan which showed a 3mm gallstone in my gallbladder. However after a further attack & another ultrasound later there is nothing there. DRs suggested Bilary Colic but are unsure so I am booked in for an MRI scan to check if there is anything trapped in my bile ducts. DRs advised if it is Bilary Colic not to eat fatty foods, have been on a low fat diet and this doesn't make any difference! Apart from the attacks I have a constant ache in my back which luckly is bearable.

I am a 19 year old female and am at a healthy weight. I had my 1st child 10 weeks ago born by emergancy c section due to a ruptured placenta & losing alot of blood. (Don't know if this has anything to do with my problem).

I am just really hoping somebody can advise if these symptoms do sound like Bilary Colic as the DRs don't seem sure at all! Sorry for the long post...

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  • http://symptoms.wrongdiagnosis.com/cosymptoms/back-pain/headache/weight-loss-all.htm When doing a symptom search biliary colic didn't show up, however the multiple symptom checker is by no means perfect. "Biliary colic can cause extreme pain in the upper right abdomen and nausea, especially after eating a meal high in fat. The condition can also cause jaundice in the skin and eyes. The pain can last up to three hours and sometimes spreads to the right shoulder or through the center of the back. Fatty food intolerance, dyspepsia, indigestion, heartburn, flatulence and eructation are other symptoms associated with gallstone disease. Attacks of biliary colic are more common at night, possibly because the gallbladder shifts to a horizontal position, making it easier for stones to enter into the cystic duct." When i looked up biliary colic, it sounds right, explains why its more likely to happen at night and everything. So, the lesson learned, multiple symptom checker is no match for your doctors, but i'll leave the link up in case you somoehow don't have biliary colic.
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    • September 3, 2008
    • 05:31 PM
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