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please help me!!

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  • Posted By: kelly77
  • June 22, 2007
  • 00:46 PM

i am 22 years old, and one week after i had my son i developed chronic diarrhea. it doesn't seem to matter what i eat, i didnt seem to get any type of cramps or anything like that it would just come on really fast. I have been to doctors so many times and they have never tested me for anything!! keep saying its just ibs and to take fiber and immodium. when i take imodium i feel very bloated and gassy. now this past week i have had intermittent crampy feelings around my bellybutton and in my lower abdomen and i am belching and feel gassy. the diarrhea has now been waking me up in the am, and i constantly feel like i have to go but if i try i cant, then ten min later i have diarrhea. I just hate to go to the doctors again so they can pretty much tell me to deal with it. i cant remeber a day i haven't had to go to the bathroom more than at least five times!! please give me some advice.

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  • Look into Celiac Disease. It is an allergy to wheat/gluten. It causes diarrhea. I know because it was happening to me. I, like many others have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. All people with CFS have a wheat allergy, hence the diarrhea.Find a Bioset or NAET doctor near you. Go for 3 treatments. You will not regret it.Even if the regular docs test you, they will probably tell you that you are not allergic to wheat and do not have Celiac disease.That's when you go to Bioset and learn the truthGood LuckMC
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  • Inmodium is contraindicated for infections. Be careful.Did you have an epidural?I am noticing a pattern of women delivering babies and suddenly developing allergies, food intolerances, GERD, IBS, or high blood pressure after the baby is born. I am not a doctor, but I see that pattern a lot lately. So I though it had something to do with immune system and hormones.Do you get flu shots?I guess the only advice I can give you is the only thing that I know of, NAET at naet.com. You can find a NAET doctor in your area by looking at the listing in that web page.Best.
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  • thanks for the advice, just been three years and i just cant pin point any foods cause one day a certain food seems to cause it and then not the next. its been almost a week now and the pain in my lower abdomen is starting to really bother me. i am a thin girl, and i actually am so bloated that i feel like i am five months pregnant!!!-but im not.
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  • well thank you for your input. its just so hard for me to pinpoint cause some days certain foods bother me and the next day its something else that bothers me. its just been three years now, and its old. and the last four days of lower abd. pain and bloating is killing me. i guess i hate the doctors cause i always just feel like they think i am a whiner!!!
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  • Hi Kelly,I would NOT let my doctor blow me off about this. IBS is a diagnose to use only after ruling out other conditions such as diverticula, Ulcerative colitis, Crohns and so on. Alot of doctors assume that you don't have anything going on as soon as they don't hear anything about blood.I can tell you this much. I was diagnosed with UC after running from doctor to doctor telling me I had IBS. My gut kept telling me there was more. I was also afraid of colon cancer and wanted that ruled out. Anyhow, I demanded a colonscopy and they found ulcers throughout my colon and they also found out that I had massive diverticulas. I never bleed at all. (knock on wood) My only symptoms were bloating, gas and diarreah (usually in the morning, but I could go anywhere from 2-5 times a day).The colonscopy is one of the smartest things I have done. I am now being treated for mild colitis and that part of my illness is 80-90% better.Look after you, because these doctors won't!
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  • Kelly,Please just go to a doc (find one who will listen to you with compassion!) and get a complete stool workup done. You NEED to do this to rule out parasites, e coli, bacteria, candida, CLOSTRIDIUM DIFFICILE INFECTION (this last one is very important and can cause pseudomembraneous colitis and docs often miss it!). Please get this test done so you can move on from there. With that said, I recommend finding a Doctor of Oriental Medicine or NAET practitioner to help you with your symptoms. I have successfully helped many people, including my OWN digestive problems, with these two forms of medicine. They can be extremely helpful for IBS, celiac, colitis and much more. At the very least you need to be taking a good quality PROBIOTIC to help rebuild your intestinal flora. A probiotic with many different strains of beneficial bacteria is best (acidophilus, b. bacterium, l. rhamnosus, and others). You can get very good ones for great prices at www.vitacost.com or at any good healthfood store. I completely agree with Eatafruit, Immodium ad is very strong, and should NEVER be taken long term or with an infection - this can make things much worse in the long run. Please try the PROBIOTIC - it really helps! Best wishesDOM
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  • Hi, im not sure what you have but i saw an advertisement in mz newspaper that was looking for people with unusal symptoms that require diagnosis. they have 5 leading medical specialisits so maybe they can help you?? here is their number: 02 9260 2328 or doctor@imgworld.com good luck, ann
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