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please help! i keep getting worse by the minute

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 3, 2008
  • 10:34 PM

so i posted a few days ago about panic attacks after eating but in the past 2 days my panic attacks and all my other symptoms seemed to have gotten a LOT worse.

i feel like i'm going to puke and pass out constantly. the feeling doubles after eating but i don't really have an appetite.
i can't lie down.
sometimes it feels like my throat is closing up.
i have constant pains from the pit of my stomach to the top of my chest, but right in the middle of my chest is where it feels the worst.
i'm hypervenilating and dizzy. i have a hard time trying to breathe normally.
racing heartbeat and tingly legs and arms. usually right before a panic attack, i get a warm tingly sensation all over my body.
bad tremors and migraines where it feels like my brain is being crushed.
it's panic attack extravaganza.

i can't stand it. i can't go to work, or do anything. i had an appointment with a cardiologist yesterday and had an ultrasound on my heart and an EKG. i was told that i have premature aerotic palpatations (i think that's what they're called) so he had me hooked up to a holter for 24 hours. i just dropped off this holter this morning. he didn't say anything about linking those palpatations with how i feel and says i just need meds for GERD and meds for my panic attacks. ugh! i've also had an upper GI and stomach x-rays, both of which came back normal.

i'm so physically and mentally exhausted from this. is there anything i can do to help just enough so that i can make it to work tomorrow? i'm also calling my doctor tomorrow to schedule another appointment, but he seems set on the idea that it's all in my head - IMPOSSIBLE! there's no way!

please pleaaase help, i can't stand feeling like this all the time. :(

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  • HEY KIRBY I UNDERSTAND HOW U FEEL.what u have talked about is the same exact symptoms i have .i have visited about 10 drs. and about 5 cardiologist and about 3 times rushed to the ER ,and all have said that its in my head and that its anxiety.Except for one cardiologist who after putting a 24 hour holter on me saw that i had very fast heartbeats around 4 a.m. when i was sleeping ,so he recommended me to a electrophisiologist which then recommended an ept or ets test cant remenber exactly.i was suppose to get this test done on april 2 but i got scared and cancelled which now a day later i regret i'll probably be calling them back to make another appt. well anyways in this test they send some kind of needle which goes to ur heart and they check if ur energy inside ur heart is okay.u see why i got scared,well apart from the palpitations im always hyperventilating i try not to but i just feel out of breath all the time it feels like i cant take a deep breath without me feeling a weird sensation in my heart.READ elias01 for more symptoms
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  • A couple of things you may want to consider. Gallbladder problems can feel like "panic attacks." Migraines and panic attacks can be caused by a small defect in the heart. Usually not life-threatening, but you may want to ask about it.
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  • thank you all for your advice! i'm wondering if it is gallbladder problems because i do have abdominal pain from time to time. if it's a heart defect, i hope the cardiologist catches it from my tests. i've been taking chlorella supplements after meals and it relieves the pain for the most part but makes me feel sort of crazy. i'm going back to my doctor asap and talk to him about those things you mentioned. also does anyone think this could be candida? i have most of the symptoms (except for the panic attacks which could still be from anything), but i know it's almost impossible to test for.
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  • Kirby, I feel your pain. I went through exactly what you're feeling about 10 years ago. I couldn't leave the house, I could never be alone and I couldn't even sleep alone. The panic attacks get worse because you worry about having one! It's a vicious cycle. The only thing that helped me immediately was Xanax. It helped while I was waiting for appointments for doctor after doctor. It helped when I went on Paxil (which can take a few weeks to work - and may actually make youer symptoms WORSE before it gets better) I haven't had a real Panic Attack in quite some time until recently. I now just try to take deep breaths, I listen to my ocean sounds CD and if I can't control it, I'll take 1/2 Xanax just to get through it. It took me YEARS to learn how to control it. It's a long process, but it will get better. Also... Check your thyroid. I had mine checked so many times. At one point, it was checked 6x in one year and was always normal. Then at a routine doc. appt. they checked it again and I was VERY HYPERTHYROID. That can cause panic attacks as well.:) Hope this helped. Dini
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  • thanks dini :) i'm going to ask my doctor about the thyroid thing.. i'm convinced something is physically wrong since i don't think the panic attacks are something mental. my mom has thyroid problems too. i'm actually excited to see the doctor tomorrow because it makes me think i'm getting closer to finding out what it is.. also i started taking chlorella supplements after meals and it made me feel COMPLETELY BETTER for like 2 days.. and then last night i woke up shaking internally. like my insides were vibrating! it was really scary, i never had that before. now it seems like the chlorella isn't working at all. i wonder what the heck is going on in me??
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  • I seem to have the same exact symptoms that you described, including the vibrating feeling in my body. I've been in bed the last 2 weeks just overwhelmed by how I'm feeling. It started out with me feeling dizzy immediately followed by nausea, that last for a couple of weeks, then I started to feel completely overwhelmed with the dizziness and nausea and a feeling of an elephant sitting on my chest (along with rapid heart rate). A trip to the ER said all my bloodwork was negative, along with an EKG and a heart adenose test (that showed my heart was fine). My Dr has also done bloodwork which has come back negative. A different dr. thought I might have a viral inner ear infection but nothing helped and I just seem to be getting worse. I'm awaiting results from testing from an ENT and a stool culture sample to rule those things out, but I'm starting to wonder if this is really acute anxiety/panic attacks or if it's something else. It came out of nowhere and I'v never been as sick as I've been over the last 2 1/2 weeks (which I've been in bed most of the time). My thyroid has been checked and it was OK. Going to try and push my dr for a halter monitor and abdominal ultrasound this week. He's denied my 2X - I think he's just kind of stumped and suggests I take some Xanax. If anyone can help me think of another direction to go that would be great. I seriously feel like it's holding me hostage and I'm in complete misery. Thanks.
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  • that's exactly what's going on with me tina. i also feel like a hostage. :( today i went to see my doctor and he prescribed me xanax to take for a month, and then celexa. i'm a little scared of these medications. but i did have a friend who had similar problems and they gave her meds like that, and her's just went away - she stopped taking the meds and she's been fine ever since. she had asthma though, maybe your doctor can check you for that? i was on citalopram (pretty much the same as lexapro) for 6 months and i had my life back for those 6 months but then all of a sudden it stopped working. if your doctor prescribes you something like that (lexapro, xanax, one of those mood stabilizer things) take it for a while and see how it makes you feel.. those meds really do work but i'm wary of things that mess with your brain chemistry. but at the same time, when you feel so bad constantly, it feels like you're willing to do anything!
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  • Hi Kirby,Have you explored a possible B-Complex deficiency? I don't think it would cover all of your symptoms, but certainly the anxiety. I suffered from anxiety, headaches, and the things that accompany them, and it was all due to a B-Complex deficiency. I went on supplements and eliminated sugar and white flour and I was like a new person. Good luck!!!
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  • thank you!!! i will definitely try that!! :)
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  • i'm definitely going to try that! thank you!
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