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Please Help. I'm tired and I'm running out of fight.

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  • Posted By: ashley84
  • March 23, 2007
  • 04:54 PM

Before I get into the detailed symptoms list... I should introduce myself. I am 22 years old, and a full-time college student of Audio Engineering. I'm also a blues singer and songwriter (when I'm well enough that is). Ever since I was a child, I've been experiencing odd symptoms. I've had a tremor in my hands since I was probably 7 years old. I would always complain as a child, after I ate, that the food made me feel sick. I didn't like sweets very much because of the sick feeling I would get. In fact, family would always give me candy as a child, and I'd stuff it in my huge dresser drawer and hardly eat it. When I moved to Texas, I became known at my doctors office for being "The Asthma Child". It was quite severe, with frequent bronchitis. In my younger teen years, my mother always claimed I was lazy when I didn't clean something up, but she wasn't listening to me when I said I didn't have enough energy to do it. Cleaning my room would literally wipe me out. In 2004, I saw the family doctor about sugar not making me feel good. He tested me for diabetes (which came out negative) and said I had Benign Essential Tremor. I found out recently, he actually reported I had hypoglycemia to the insurance company and never reported the tremor. Somehow he NEVER told me. I went to a new doctor in '06 for the same problems, and he gave me a GTT, they watched me like a hawk and found out I had hypogclyemia. The doctor told me to read a book and learn how to control it myself. He sent me to an endocrinologist who tested me for addison's, told me I had an anxiety disorder and that I don't really have hypoglycemia. I also got sent to a dietian... whom of which I told certain foods were making me sick, told me I was fine and to eat them anyway. Well, his diet ended up making me about 5X worse. This year I went to a woman general practicitioner. She had me diary everything I was eating, and saw that I was wheezing after cheese and wheat. Took it out of my diet, and my chronic diahrrea stopped (it still wasn't normal)... She then told me to never eat gluten again. Also, I've never been able to hold a job long-term. They would tell me I needed to go as fast as I could. I would think I was going fast, and it was apparently slow. I never had the energy to keep up with a normal employers demands. My last job instantly dropped me off the schedule after they saw a doctors note for my hypoglycemia.

I've had some suspicions about my development in my mother's womb. She ate SO much sugar it was messing up her blood levels, and the doctor told her to stop. She of course didn't... Alright now, here's the list of symptoms... Bear with me, I really need some suggestions:

-Exhausted VERY easily - chronic.
-Chronic Fatigue.
-Hungry often & if food is not ingested like clockwork numbness, blurred vision, and dizziness occur quickly (about every 2 hours).
-Some days I have energy to function, and others I can only get up to go to the bathroom.
-Frequently dehydrated
-Bloated feeling 1-2 times per week
-Fuzzy thinking - several times a day
-Vertigo once per day
-Dizziness 8-10 times a day
-Numbness in hands and feet (accompanied by blurred vision). 8-10 times a day. Sometimes my tongue and calves will get numb along with it.
-General feeling of unwellness 98% of the time
-Diharrea, 6 months consistent (at times for a month straight)
-Blood Pressure is erratic (sometimes its normal, sometimes its low, sometimes it drops when I stand up).
-Heart rate jumps about 20 beats from sitting to standing.
-Blood sugar levels are erratic.
-Muscle Pain in arms, legs, lower/upper back, mornings if not constant throughout the day
-Very sensitive to foods (especially all processed ingredients), constant
-Headaches, once every few days
-Vivid nightmares, 1-2 times per week
-Severe Allergies, constant
-Sporadic rashes, has itchy burning feeling, 1-2 times per week
-Heartburn, occurs when I eat protien and starch together
-Feeling of a Rock/solid mass in my stomach, occurs when protiens are eaten with starch (such as a deli sandwich)
-If over 80 degrees, my body feels heavy and almost like its being attacked, I get headaches and extremely tired
-Below 71, cannot keep warm

New Symptoms (began within the past 3 days):

-Joint pain, stiffness, and swelling in hands, wrists, knees, ankles, and toes.
-Slight fever. Temp is normally 97.3-97.6, and its been 98.9

Previous Doctor Diagnosis:
Benign Essential Tremor
Hereditary Neuropathy

I've been on the hypoglycemic diet for about 10 months now. I do not eat anything processed. Only healthy oils, everything gluten free, soy cheese, beans, 5-10 severings of fruits and veggies daily, and a multivitamin extracted from food, along with 1000mg a day of calcium citrate. The synthetic ones always made me feel sicker.

Last night, I was so upset... I broke down and was practically ready to give up. My husband got a little more fight in me after that. I've been reading a book called "Never Be Sick Again". It talks about cells, how certain nutrients affect them positively, how the cells work, etc. I've tried healing with diet, and I felt alright (meaning I could function minimally)... Instead now I'm getting this arthritic symptoms.

Any suggestions you have of what it could be would be greatly appreciated. Everyone thinks differently, and sometimes things don't instantly flash in a doctors mind like a neon sign. Ever since childhood, I've pretty much had the SAME blood tests over and over again. They check my thyroid and for anemia. I never had either of those things in the millions of times I've been poked in my life. My last MRI was in 2004, my last catscan was probably a year ago, and they did some chest X-rays. The doctor in the emergency room said my chest x-rays were fine... then the radiologist looked over it and said there was something on my back that looked a little more dense than it should, but they just wanted me to get another one done because they thought it was a fluke. Well, I and my doctor both completely forgot to do another one.

Thank you all in advance. I'm so tired of suffering with my health.

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  • I'm So sorry to here what you are going through.I'm suffering from the same symptoms also without a diagnosis. Sometimes i feel like I will give up as well.You have to hang in there and try to stay positive.
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  • Really?? You have the same symptoms?? I keep going and try to get better and what not. Its tough because somedays I'm hyper and go go go all day long, and other times I'm exhausted and can't stay awake. Its tougher when other people don't get it... or don't understand. I was working part-time retail for several months, and I always had hours. THE very week I brought a doctors note, for my hypoglycemia, saying I had to have a break between breakfast and lunch, and two between lunch and dinner.... that week they dropped me off the schedule. They could get in massive trouble for firing me... so they did the next best thing for them. Especially with my past... Everyday of my entire life has been a fight to keep going and hope for better days. Sometimes it just seems like it never stops. I've started reading the book of JOB in the bible to give me some solace. He had everything taken away from him for no reason at all. He cursed the day he was born and struggled with a massive amount of loss. In the end, when he made it through the trial successfully, God gave him back three times what he had originally. I just keep telling myself... One day a doctor is going to listen to me, and he/she is going to help me get back the life I never had. Then I can move on, be free of disease, and live a life of goodness that I never saw coming.
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  • hey... have your doctors done any viral titers? the reason i ask is because many of your symptoms sound like they could be caused by epstein- barr virus which is the virus that causes mono. that same virus, for reasons unknown, can cause chronic- fatigue syndrome in some people, which would explain your good days and bad days... your viral load could be low at some times and high at others. i had similar symptoms for about 8 months and it was kind of scary for me because i am immune compromised and no one knew what was wrong. i had to drop out of school and move back home for a whole year. one day after like $60,000 of diagnostic tests, my family doctor put me on an antiviral. WOW! after the 2nd day, i didnt have a fever for the first time in like 2 years! i had really bad pneumonia one year at school and thats when they think it all started (epstein- barr can cause pneumonia in immune compromised people).anyhow, he sent me to an infectious disease doctor and they did viral titers and found out what had been making me sick. i, too, would have good and bad days, like one day i could stay up and study all night and wake up for class just fine but then a few days later, i could not even get out of bed on a full night's rest. a few other ideas would be things like a mild actinomycotic infection like cat- scratch disease... you can have it for a very long time and not even know it. they tested me for lyme disease, too. it sucks not knowing what is wrong and i totally understand your lack of energy to keep going... i have prosthetics on both legs and even when i am healthy it takes 3X the energy to walk on them than on real legs... needless to say, i didnt have the energy to even put them on when i was really sick last year. well, i hope this helps. when i feel like giving up. i think to myself, i have already been fighting this long... would i even know how to live any other way? besides, you are still young (and so am i... i'm 26) and have so much life to live... when things are really going crappy... you just have to know that they will get better because they cant get much worse. abby
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  • Let me just say NAET- naet.comIt is clear that you have developed more than one allergy- the asthma and the intolerance to gluten are just the tip of the iceberg.Allergies in a very broad sense can't disturb your nervous system in ways you won't imagine. The nightmares and anything bordering on hallucination can be easily explained by hyperactivity of your Brow or third eye Chakra. That can easily can be corrected by adjusting and aligning your Chakras.You have nothing to fear- you still know the difference between your person and the fuzzy weird symptoms that you experience. Identify with your perfect Spirit, not with the disturbances you are experiencing.This is so important and real today, that even George Washington University Hospital uses Chakra theory to treat patients with great success.Please look into NAET- or run a search on this message board for NAET.Go to the NAET website and read the testimonials.Find a NAET and a Reiki person who can treat you- this can complement any treatment you are taking, no conflict.My personal experience:Mold, polyester, and chemicals make me feel schizophrenic- I have figured out the causes of my sudden fall into disability and dysfunction without pain, needles, drugs or ultrasounds. NAET works wonders.Stick Around- you are not alone. You are not running out of option, trust me.I kept running to the ER, and they keep telling me I needed a Psychiatrist.I was having an allergic reaction to Polyester, I had toxic mold in my apartment and a strep infection in my urinary track.No one could figured it out but my Doctor of Oriental Medicine who happens to be a NAET professional.Best,Eatafruit78.
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  • Lyme disease and co infections are not tested for in routine blood work. Many of the test results have false negs. Part of the dx is by symptoms, it sure sounds like what I have been dealing with. Its awful to be so sick and not know whats wrong. Please check out this link, you may find a lot of help and info there.lymenet.org
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  • Hi its me again I was the first one to respond to your post.Yes it is true I do have the same symptoms as you and it is an everyday struggle.At least you are able to work I have no strength to do so.Even when I try to go out I get extremly dizzy.I just know that it is only a matter of time before God heals me. I have complete faith that he will. This is just a trial we are going through so please be strong and know you are not alone.The one good thing that came out of this is I have a closer relationship with God.I tried to add my email to the last post so we can keep in contact but i guess thats not allowed on this forum so they deleted before they added my post.I will keep you updated as to any diagnosis I recieve.Stay strong.Moderator message: for protection of your privacy, we do not recommend publishing your e-mail address on a public forum
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  • I've been reading a book called "Never Be Sick Again". It covers all the different aspects, and I actually just finished the chapter about toxicity last night. I was at a loss to explain my random skin rashes on my hands, ears, chest, arms, etc. I found there are ingredients in normal soaps that actually build up underneath the skin and cause rashes. I went to the Vitamin Shoppe today, and ran into the man who helped me last time. I replaced my shampoo, conditioner, body soap (scented with real apricots and flowers), deodorant, hand soap, facial moisturizer, lip balm, mouthwash, and toothpaste.I had a long talk with this man, and he said it sounds like I've got chemical sensitivities due to the toxicity in my body. Told me magnesium will help me lower my heart rate. I brought up my mom's pregnancy with me. She apparently consumed SO much sugar it was messing up all her blood levels, and the doctor told her to stop.... and she of course didn't. Its really the only explanation I have of hypoglycemia at 8 years old. He said sugar weakens your immune system, and we both agreed my immune system could have developed slightly weakened.This morning instead of using the colgate saccarin filled flouride & sodium laurite toothpaste, I used this all natural brand without flouride. I didn't feel anything after that. No headache, no shortness of breathe, no stomach sickness, etc. I feel quite good today for some reason. I used my normal soap and shampoo, and when I got out this morning I noticed where the normal after shower rashes were.I've been concerned about my HR is because before I took ADVAIR... When I used to work out ******n the elliptical my HR would max out at 95. My HR goal used to be to stay over 65. Now I get on the trainer and it says 185! And I'm not working very hard either. I've been off the advair for about 2 months now.I really do believe in the bodies ability to heal itself. I got rid of my asthma entirely through diet (and getting off asthma meds that were GIVING me severe asthma).I read this last night: "...then you will lift up your face without shame; you will stand firm and without fear. You will surely forget your trouble, recalling it only as waters gone by. Life will be brighter than noonday and darkness will become like morning. You will be secure, because there is hope; you will look about you and take your rest in safety." JOB 11:15-18
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  • I read that book- I love Ray Francis, he is the one who got me out of bed. I still agree with all of it- but I wish he had talked about alternative medicine a little bit more. He gives you a very easy approach to health and it works!He did not get too deep into allergy- there is still a lot of the avoidance rule, even if the allergy is to a healthy food. Now we know that the body can be balanced so he can learn to accept what he was targeting as an allergen (NAET).
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  • It sounds like you have some type of gastrointestinal problem, or some type of problem digesting/ processing the protein/sugar/starch. That would of course explain the stomach symptoms as well as the vertigo (from low energy) and all of the other funky symptoms. Have you been tested for Chron's (iritable bowel syndrome)?
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