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please help i'm in pain everyday I feel like i'm DIEING!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 18, 2007
  • 03:21 AM

i cannot get a proper diagnosis ..... it's been aprox. two agonizing years now.
it started with pain in my lower right abdomen which was sore and painful to touch then burning sharp pains if i don't have a full stomach .....

i've had a wide range of tests including cat-scan of lower abdomen (negative) ..... upper GI Series (negative) ..... ultrasound (negative) .... endoscopy ( biopsy negative -- visual diagnosis irritation caused by gastritis-cause unknown)

the only thing doctors tell me is that it MIGHT be IBS onset by stress!!! I am not stressed!!! only thing that stresses me are these pains that haunt me.
The doctors are trying to convince me that my symptoms are psychosimatic.

The medicine perscribed (symax duotab) has made me feel ill .... and does not have any affect on my symtoms .... It has actually caused irregular bowel movements. I used to be like a clock lol. Only thing i have noticed that is strange about my stool is some mucus .... string like ... very little .... more on bad days though.

I am slowly being crippled more and more everyday .... i am unable to take long drives. I cannot hold a job or schedule .... the pain is misery!

I have also tried self medication ..... pot .... passes the time (Dr's were saying something about stress lol what stress mon?) .... time is a terrible thing to deal with when combined with pain. Vikes .... nothing.
Perks .... felt great great!! but it's too heavy. one thing that does work amazingly is certain antibiotics.... fasigyn made by phizer .... i don't think it's available in the U.S. .... it's the one i remember that worked the best .... i took it and i felt great. I was on it for one week and the pain was gone for two weeks ... i felt born again ... but it was temporary .... same affect with prevpac. Also aciphex was perscribed along with every single inhiibitor and anti-acid on the market NOTHING NO Affect!!!

i am 26 .... don't drink or smoke cigarettes ... and i never did drugs before the pain!! I have gained a lot of weight .... was 185 .... now 210!!! and my cholesterol is up ..... i used to be healthy!! I feel like i'm dieing!

any advice out there?

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  • It really does sound like you have IBS. However, I too, agree that it is not necessarily related to stress. I felt exactly like you did about ten years ago...I was in so much pain I couldn't stand it. I went to emergency... I don't know how many times. I was on three different medications to handle the pain. Vicodin, 25 mg of amitriptyline and librax. I was on this was for about two years and then it got to the point where I no longer required meds. And than... just like they said it would happen... it just disappeared. I was told you could either have it the rest of your life, or it could disappear tomorrow. Every doctor I had seen had told me I was one of the worst cases they had ever seen. I could barely eat anything since many foods like caffeine, spicy or deep fried foods, or anything with citric acid in it gave me an episode. I lost about 15 pounds. So, try keeping a journal of what you eat and if you have pain after that meal look for repeating patterns and avoid that food. Also, remember, IBS sufferers either have constipation, diarrhea, or both!But don't listen to those doctors taht say the pain is psychosomatic. I know the pain is very real... and at times completely unbearable.
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  • Try looking up diverticulitis. Usually diagnosed by colonoscopy, it can be extremely painful and by its very nature, causes mucous in the stool.Good luck!
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  • Hi, Have you ever been checked to see if you have a systemic yeast infection? I ask because of the mucas in your stools and stomach pain. Also the fact that antibiotics seemed to help while you were taking them.... maybe you should be on them long term? Yeast grows form sugar and you would crave sugar if you had the yeast infection. And if you do saty away from sugar completely so it doesn't get worse. Somethig to think about anyway.I will pray for your fast and speedy recovery.
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  • ok ... thank you for the responses ....I can drink tabasco sauce if i want and it doesn't bother me lolI'm never constipated and very rarely have diaria ( i can't even spell it lol)I eat like an animal .... nothing bothers methe yeast issue .... very interesting .. i did have a stool test and it said something about yeast ..... and i have noticed that i actually do crave sweet things abnormally and it seems to be a good fix sometimes. the pain originates from my appendix .... could it be a mild case of appendicitis ... maybe the infection coralates to the yeast thing .... also i found it very strange that my neighbor punched very lightly in that area one day and i felt sick and nausea for the whole day .... i am very athletic and can't remember the last time i was sick other than some light headedness from a 102 fever i that i just slept off last night ..... down to 100 today.I'm 26 .... basically I'm trying to say that i'm not weak and not one to complain and worry lol.Thank You for all your responses and taking the time read and think about my issue.
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