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Please Help! Everyone thinks I am crazy!!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 29, 2009
  • 09:23 PM

I have HORRIBLE headaches, nausea, numbness, tingling, tripping over my words, can't seem to think right, facial hair that is not that Hiritusim or poly cystic overies, weakness, fatigue, constipation, diarreha, stomach pains, and this whole body tempature thing is really getting to me. I sweat like crazy and I am cold and hot. I keep saying my body temp. is messed up. feels like i have a fever but never do. had all the normal hormones tested for the facial hair (which isn't really just on face, around breast, belly, toes, neck, and chest). The facial hair and the headaches is what is getting to me the most. I also had a CT scan and came back fine. my headaches are now everday. some worse than others but atleast 3 "migranes" a week. i have had some weight gain and can't lose it. i have not gained any in about 2 years but haven't lost any either. its like i am stuck at this weight. PLEASE somebody respond with something. I am tired of feeling crazy!! All i can say is they can't blame the hair problem on stress. Oh and for people that are saying if i lose weight the hair problem will go away, that isn't true I have had this problem since high school and i was very thin until about a year and a half ago. i was in the NAVY for crying out loud. So please somebody help me. my daughter has a ACTH problem so I thought maybe that might be my problem. it may be hereditary. so with that i thought maybe a adrenal tumor, ovary tumor, or pituitary tumor all of which are almost always noncancerous. my vision is also going down as well as my hearing. i am only 25.

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  • I can respect what your going through, I had similar issues this past year in which everyone thought I was crazy and made me feel like a criminal or a liar. What I discovered was I just had to keep researching, looking, and pushing! Sometimes vague symptoms cannot help you fit in one box and then the doctors start putting you in lots of little boxes and it can be so frustrating. Have you had an MRI? With and without contrast? A CT is nice for the surface but the MRI is a strong diagnostic tool for neurologic evaluation of the brain and system and when the CT fails to show a cause of etilology then the MRI should be considered too. The nausea could likely be coming from the migraines but can come from an overall feeling of unwell or be a rebound of other symptoms or underlying cause. If you are taking medications regularly for your migraines even OTC medications, in particular Tylenol, you may suffer analgesic headaches. The headaches are triggered by the very thing intended to fix them, often referred to as rebound headaches. And painfully one who has this experience will have to withdraw from as silly as it sounds Tylenol! You probably really have a migraine condition or headaches but they are brought on more frequently or exacerbated by the analgesic treatments. It doesn't make you a bad person because you take a lot of Tylenol or IBP it just means when your in pain you want it to stop.And what about your nutrition...yes your gaining weight but that does not mean your being nourished. How are your nutrition levels? Is your B12 level normal in a blood test which is the vitamin responsible for helping absorb nutrients from foods? If not you may not be absorbing the nutrients from the foods you eat and thus your body will respond by packing on the weight because it thinks you are starving it and in turn you will begin to experience symptoms much like you mentioned due to malnutrition. If you research the purpose of vitamins you will find that various vitamin deficiencies are linked to many symptoms that are considered vague or difficult to diagnose. Often malnutrition is not always considered like it should be. A failure to get enough of the needed B Vitamins can give you symptoms much like your describing. Do you have an issue with absorption in the intestines or the deuodenom preventing you from absorbing properly? Have you have a full blood panel done? To include vitamin levels?Have you been tested for neuropathy? The fact that you sweat abnormally despite having the sensation that your unable to regulate your own body temperature as well as you mention numbness, tingling, and burning pains could indicate a possible neuropathy. Have you had an EMG? A thermoregulatory sweat test? A lumbar puncture for CSF fluid analysis? Are you exposed to chemicals regularly? Drugs? You never mentioned your medications...do you take prescription narcotics for migraines? Do you take opiods? These can cause withdrawal symptoms in patients who are taking them in as little as 1 or 2 missed doses. Certain other drugs like Tegretol can backfire and cause similar symptoms to what you are experiencing...sometimes doctors fail to consider all the medications as the problem.Have you had your spine checked? Move outside the head because spinal conditions can also cause the symptoms you speak of, some being primary while the others may be secondary...herniated disk in the cervical spine can cause your symptoms, as can stenosis, cord impingement etc. Constipation & diarrhea can both be associated to spine issues. Spinal lesions or tumors are often misdiagnosed but common. If you are concerned about tumors have any diagnostic tests been done to locate them? A CT is not definitive. In regards to your hearing and your vision, have you seen an ENT specialist? Do you have middle ear problems? Do you have a schwannoma or an acoustic neuroma? Both responsible for the types of symptoms you described. Have you have a vision fields test? An auditory test? Do you suffer dizziness or vertigo? They are different things. Medications can alter the mental status in various ways, chronic pain can cause a lack of concentration or memory issues, forgetting things, stumbling on words are all possibilities. Have you reviewed your medications with your MD? Do you have any cerebral cardiovascular issues? You could get checked for an aneurysm which can be shown best in an MRA typically. Do you have an AVM? (Arterial venous malformation) these can cause a whooshing sound sometimes in the ear and disturb hearing, as well as they are responsible for headaches of varying duration and intensity. They are also responsible for visual field disturbances, numbness and tingling sensations, aphasia (which is a language disorder in which one is unable to understand or recall language spontaneously), and they are also responsible for concentration, judgement and planning...these can occur in the brain or spine as well as various other locations. A cerebral arteriography is the best way to diagnose an AVM but again, an MRI can be useful too.And how are your hormone levels? You said they were checked for the hair...what exactly was checked? Pituitary adenomas can be hormone producing or non-hormone producing. They can also cause the symptoms you mentioned but again you need an MRI, the CT is not appropriate for diagnosing these types of tumors. I think your hair problem really might be seperate and isolated. As well as some of your other issues may be a result of the anxiety (not necessarily stress) that your experiencing regarding these other symptoms. Fatigue is often secondary to pain such as your migraines, and abdominal pain is a very vague symptom because conditions all over the body will misplace pain to the abdomen. I wish you a lot of luck and I hope this has provided you some avenues of research...remember your symptoms are very vague but these are some things you can check into that you or your doctor may not have ever considered.
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  • I think you should go and get your thyroid tested for starters.And then other glands and things.
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  • the hair.. is it fine hair?? You say you were very thin.. may i ask your weight now? My other thought is chronic fatigue immunity dysfunction syndrome CFIDS, this can cause your symptoms. http://wwcoco.com/cfids/bernesx.html
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  • It is thick course hair. Looks and feels exactly like a mans. My weight now is 175.
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  • My daughter is turning three in November and was born with her problem. So I don't think the electronic thing is what is effecting her. I looked up that CFIDS, and that very well may be it, but doesn't explain the hair problem. Everything else seems like it goes along with it. I am just so confused on what symptoms could be related and which ones aren't. I just need help. I am applying for veterans health benefits hoping I can get some insurance. I can't afford to pay all this anymore. I am a single mom. Thank you so much to the people who responded. THANK YOU!!! Oh my Navy job centered around radar. That is what my job was.
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  • Thank you so much. I just need some health insurance now. I am not on any medications now. Just taking lots of IBP. For the person who wanted to know my weight it is 180. I have had a thyroid test and all came back normal. Hopefully I can take some of these things to the doctor when I get insurance and maybe they will do some further testing. This body temp. thing, hair thing, and headache thing just need to go away. I think you are right. I think some of these things are caused by anxiety. I have struggled with that for years maybe it's just getting worse and causing all these symptoms. What medications would be good for headaches then so I don't get these rebound headaches or whatever they are called? Again thank you.
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