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Please help - Driving myself to insanity over possibility of Herpes

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 1, 2009
  • 07:08 AM

I have been losing my sanity over what I think / thought was Genital Herpes.

It all started over a very stressful period in my life where I also had 1 sexual encounter with a guy who had 'mild Genital Herpes'

A few weeks later i started to experience genital discomfort

Gyno visit and smear later releaved nothing fungul so I was given antibiotics. Olive Oil also helped alleviate the discomfort

No visible lesions so doctor ruled out Herpes.

Then I started to develop a dull pain in my left buttock.

Back to another gyno & asked for HSV blood test

Results came back ''borderline'' i,e 1 on a scale of 1.8 - 1.1. No visible signs so she also ruled out Herpes.

Vaginal irritation went away but butt pain worsened, turned into tingling all the way to lower back & thights with no visible lesions. Lumph node pain behind my ears also kicked in

At this point I was in a suicidal state and had to skip work as I coudnt pull myself together enough to leave the house. Endless crying & thoughts of ending my life.

Back to another doctor to get another blood test. This time negative - all clear. I was instead put on sedatives to get me out of the state i was in (never took them)

The pain in my butt then turned into pressure in my groin and finally pressure on my Vulva before totally disappearing for about 4 weeks.

In the meantime, after negative test result, i had calmed down, taken up yoga, acupuncture etc to bring myself back to a relatively normal state.

I have suffered from lower back pain for most of my life. The pain s not AWLWAYs there but I have a weak lower back, poor posture, bad sleeping posture & sit at my desk alot.

This in mind, after almost 4 weeks of all good in the butt groin area, after a day of wearing tights & sweating profusely in 50 degree heat (I live in the middle east and we are in the midst of a very hot summer), the follwing day, i got vaginal irritation - having just come off my periods I didnt think much of it - but this was soon followed by pain in the same left buttock that night. This continued for 2 days (In the meantime I had a total emotional breakdown) and is now pain, tingling, burning in my groin which goes away over night, starts by the time I hit the office & gets worse throughout the day (total of 5 days now) with no lesions, no bumps, no rashes. I inspect almost 2 - 3 times a day with a mirror.

What is going on? Could this be genital herpes? Is it nerve damage, TMS, Vaginitis, Pudendal something.

I'm going crazy with the list of things it could be.

Dont even know if I should see a gyno, a neurologist, or a shrink.

Please please help.

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  • Monsterlove is the herpes specialist.I suggest you get yourself tested for a third time and if it is negative then calm down.Threes the charm. Hot and sweaty in tights can produce an over growth of yeast which is itchy.Stress tends to reduce your immune system which allows an inactive case of herpes to become active but you have to be infected first.If you feel ill after a third negative test see a GP.I am notta docbest wishes for a herpes free life.PS if you are infected it is not the end of the world unless you are single and an Islamic female.
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  • If I may point it out here, your emotional lability is quite obvious by comparison to the issue and it may be playing a more central role in your symptoms than you might imagine. Regardless of whether you may have been exposed to HSV-2, there appears to be evidence which would warrant speaking with a professional about your present state of mind and the obvious psychological trauma that exists. First of all, realize that nearly 80% of people worldwide carry the HSV-1 virus and 25% of all people carry the HSV-2 virus, of which 90% demonstrate sub-clinical symptoms. It is extremely common and in most all cases, the infection demonstrates a mild course. Your suicidal ideation in response to the possibility of HSV-2 infection would be more akin to infection with HIV and clearly represents a reaction highly uncharacteristic by comparison to the circumstances. Your symptoms do not suggest herpectic infection associated with genital herpes. You need to develop a more healthy perspective about your situation and try to relax. Best regards, J Cottle, MD
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  • First off, if I may say, there is no such thing as a "mild" case of genital herpes. And, what may be mild for one person may be traumatic for another with very painful, ongoing symptoms that are difficult to diagnose without the initial outbreak. As Doctor Cottle stated, 25% have the disease and of those, half of them don't have overt symptoms. Blood tests--well, they are "ify"...if you were between IgM and IgG, and if your blood test was IgG and you were close to positive but not quite there, well...it can take a fews months before the IgG will come in. But, you had one negative; you might want to repeat in six weeks. Do you know if they tested you for both IgM and IgG antibodies. I think you would need both done. It could also be shingles without the rash, zoster sine herpes. There is medication to help calm down the ends of nerves but there may be some side effects that go along with those meds. The emotional state is highly charged so you need to find someone who will support you through this difficult time. If Dr. Cottle suggests that you don't have it, you are best to listen to him and not me. It's too bad that herpes has such a devasting emotional effect on people, or even the thought of herpes. Try EFT, too:www.emofree.com
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  • Thank you so much for the info. 1 last question - Is it possible to have continuous symptoms for 2 months though?
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