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Please help dont know why this keeps happening!

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  • Posted By: Mrs.Diaz
  • March 26, 2010
  • 04:17 PM

Okay to start off I am 19 years old and pregnant with my second child. After I had my daughter who is now only 15 months old, I breast fed her for the first 9 months of her life. When i would feed her on my right breast my right hand would go numb with quite a bit of pain. I wasnt sure if it was normal or not and it only happened on the right side and only when i was feeding her so at the time I did not worry to much and just put up with it. I am now 35 weeks pregnant with my son and the condition has gotten much worse. It is now in both of my arms, hands and fingers and happens all the time. When i feed my daughter off a spoon my fingers and hands lose sensation, when i drive my fingers, hands and forarms go numb and it is quite painful. It also happens just when i am sitting watching some tv or not doing anything at all. For the past 3 weeks every morning when i wake up both arms are completely numb from shoulder to fingers and it is very painful, it takes about 15 minutes to regain any sensation. As a matter of fact the fingers on my right hand are going numb as I type. It is painful and I would just like some kind of idea as to why this keeps happening. I have made an appt with my doctor but the army hospital here is crazy and my appt is not for 3 months and my OBGYN has no answers for me. Any advice or suggestions are welcome thank you!!

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  • Congratulations on the forth comming son."... right hand would go numb with quite a bit of pain" sounds like it might be a trapped artery or vien. Most probably artery in the arm pit there is a major artery like the jugular in the neck, as you were holding the baby the artery was pressed closed, stopping blood and etc.The fact that it happened only with one side is thought to be related to the fact that you are not ambidexterous.The reason that it is now happening in both arms is possibly 2 reasons, the first is that you have put on or lost more than 10% of your body weight (excluding the additional pregnancy weight).There is also a possibility of a slight spine movement or alignement i.e. trapped nerve.I now suspect that it is lower neck joints that are causing the problem, a good Chyropractor might help (a preferance for a Mc Timery style Chyroprator).To a greater extent, the body will correct this problem providing it is given help.You probably use 2 pillows, or 1 very thick pillow.In bed, try changing from a pillow to a towel under the neck, or if not, try 1 single thin pillow.ALSO vary it depending on how your neck and spine joints feel.A hot wheat bag may help to allow the neck to re-align at any time you wish to use it (i.e. day time or night time).If you get the correct neck alignment you should feel a substantial difference after just one nights sleep.Posture sounds like something that you also need to follow up, in the arm, "chest out, stomache in, shoulders back".As a short term help, a soft neck brace, BUT you really need the tall one, not the small one, that most pharmacists have available to them.Since you have problems whilst typing, then look at how you are sitting.You may well be suffering joint swelling in the spine (caused by the miss alignment), then take Ibuprofen 1200mg per day for up to 10 days (feel free to speak to any Pharmacist to find out why it might help or any other such questions).Good luck with the cure and your son.Terry
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