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Please help - can't get a diagnosis...

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  • Posted By: itskayluv
  • May 5, 2011
  • 07:11 PM

I am a 19 year year old (20 in a month) with multiple symptoms. I have seen 3 different doctors, and no good answers yet.
Symptoms started about 3 years ago. They come and go, last from several months to a few months. They start pretty suddenly, and they leave gradually. Each episode seems to bring a new symptom and/or they are worse than last time. When I have the symptoms, most of them are not consistant, every day, except the fatigue.
These are the symptoms:
Fatigue (I never used to nap, now sometimes I nap twice in a day.)
Black-outs when I stand up after sitting or lying down or bend over.
Blurrier vision
Twitching eyes (doesn't happen often)
Some headaches (headaches are something I never used to get.)
Cold hands/sometimes feet
Numb hands/feet
Numb lips
Generally not feeling well
Abdominal pain - sometimes on the left side, sometimes on the right, just below the ribcage.
Lower abdominal pain (possibly gas pains?) not associated with mentrual cramps.
Chest pain
Short of breath
Some episodes of shakiness (visible hand tremors, or just general trembly feeling)
Lack of cencentration
Sometimes I think my hearing is dull
Trouble speaking (this is a new one that is getting worse) - sometimes I slur words together, like my brain is trying to say several words all at once.
Switch words around (like trying to say 'ice cream' and saying 'cream ice' instead.)
Weight gain seems to be an issue, too.
Sorry about the long list...These are most the symptoms I get. I have been diagnosed with depression (didn't take the medicine for it, but around the time i was diagnosed, the symptoms went away for awhile), hypoglycemia (without the hypoglycemia test. Hypoglycemic diet didn't seem to help), allergies, put on prilosec...but no definite answers. I am tired of feeling like this, and I feel like my family is getting annoyed with me always not feeling well, especially when it will sometimes just switch off. So, after saying I don't feel well, suddenly I feel better, and they're like "Wait, NOW she feels good?? Did she actually NOT feel good?"
My mom has a heavy load, and she needs my help - I'm not much help when I'm like this...Any answers???
I was always really really healthy before this. I have had slight eating disorders, not anorexia, but undereating. I don't know if that could have contributed.

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