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Please help: Been suffering for years....

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 15, 2011
  • 08:48 PM

Ive had problems with my menstrual cycle since the first time i got my period at age 12. At first it was irregular, which is normal. However things soon changed. It became light and regular which sounds like nothing to complain about but then the cysts started. at around age 13 i was having a cyst after every period. it was like clockwork. exactly two weeks after every period every time. It was intensely painful to the point that i couldn't stand and was nauseas from the amount of pain. I had a ct to check my appendix, and an ultrasound about a month later which revealed about 7 cysts at the age of 14. i was told they would go away by themselves. they didnt. They put me on a low dose bc pill which made the periods worse. long story short i was put on yaz after several other pills did nothing. This got rid of the cysts...but the periods became unbearable. The cramps hurt so bad i had problems walking. I was put on prescription pain meds for them which only made me puke. I started to bleed so heavily id go through a super tampon every 1-2 hours and it lasted a whole week. I would get so dizzy and faint from time to time. Went to a new OB/GYN. she pretty much came off as she thought i was this hugely dramatic teenager. After a while she realized i wasn't exaggerating. This vicious cycle didnt stop until i requested the depo shot at age 15. the dr at the time said yes as a last resort. She looked at me and said "there is something wrong with you, I just dont know what it is. Im sorry." Depo took 8 months to stop them altogether. Since ive had my thyroid checked (nothing) several pap smears (nothing) several blood test (nothing other than a b12 deficiency). This summer i was diagnosed with Ehler's Danlos type III which is a very painful genetic joint condition that has no cure. Now im off depo and on no bc what so ever. i was told i should do this just to see what happens. Now i have the cysts as well as the severe periods that hit every other week. Some one please help me. im now 18 and have been fighting this waaay to long. No one can tell what is wrong and im lost as to what to do. any help is much appreciated.

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