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PLEASE HELP ASAP. Oh my God, my teeth!

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  • Posted By: dolly_xo
  • April 9, 2009
  • 04:49 AM

Help! I am a college student and I take extremely good care of my teeth (I brush them like 5 times a day) and it seems like I noticed just today that I have a cavity or something in my one tooth because it's brownish in the center and really painful, but when I looked in the mirror, a lot of my teeth in the back are starting to turn brownish and I can't even chew without causing pain. How could this have happened so quickly?! I also taste a weird, metallic/acidic taste in my mouth. Is this something different than a cavity? Also, I am in California and won't be home (Pennsylvania) to make an appointment for another three weeks and no one takes my insurance out here. What should I do?

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  • Call your dentist back home and make your appointment for three weeks. It does not sound like a crisis. Try a good floride toothpaste in the meantime. Your dentist or a dentist in the city where you are should be able to sell you a high quality toothpaste that may help your situation. You just need to get a checkup and get a cavity filled. Be sure you are taking calcium, too, and watching sugars.
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  • It seems unlikely that you would suddenly develop caries in several of your teeth with this oral hygiene. Can you describe the area of the tooth where the brownish spot is? Which tooth is it? What is your diet? How many food intakes do you have per day (by food intake I mean everything except water and plain tea or coffee). Is there a lot of sugar in your diet?
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  • Are you drinking sports drinks?? these are as bad as cola for ones teeth, not only due to the sugar content but also due to the citric acid. They say that if one is drinking sports drinks the worst thing one can do is to brush after having a drink.. as they weaken the tooth enamal and hence brushing then (brushing is abrasive).. will cause the tooth to erode. I started drinking sports drinks and developed a hole in my tooth within weeks.......... Also too frequent or too harsh brushing may erode teeth. My sister used to brush her teeth about 5 times a day.. I used to only brush mine once. Her teeth ended up full of holes.. where as I didnt need a filling till i was pregnant with my first child. The dentist said she got so many holes as she brushed her teeth too much.
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  • I think you are brushing too much. 3 times a day is enough.Also, some toothpastes take the enamel off the teeth too.I would try sensodine or something like that to ease the pain.Diet and medications can cause cavities when dental hygiene isn't the cause.High amounts of sugar especially. Apparently there is a diet than can heal cavities. It consists of raw dairy products and liver.With medications, it's usually the ones that dry the mouth. Mouth breathing instead of nose breathing can also dry the mouth out too and cause cavities.
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