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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 20, 2006
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I am a 27 year old female. I was on a diet for 10 months and lost 80 pounds well this past june I got off of my diet due to being light headed.. I felt like I was going to pass out.. I went to the emergency room they did blood work, took a chest x-ray and ekg found nothing.. Well I went to another doctor he said it was my sinuses, i took medicine again nothing.. went to urgent care he said hypglocemia.. Well finally i switched to another family doctor and he has done all kind's of blood work and ekgs. He said I was anemic my iron is 9.8 so I got on iron pills and the light headedness has not went away yet.. I have had this for going on 6 months now and I had a cat scan he ordered it with and without contrast but I only did the one without because I was scared of the dye That was 3 weeks ago and have been diagnosed with acute chronic sinitus. They said if I had a tumor or something it could pick it up. I took bactrim for two weeks it helped a little not much, now im on a zpak which is a 5 day antibiotic.. Im losing my mind here seems nothing is working and I fear it's something worse than what they are saying.. Now to top it off my right arm goes weak and numb at times and the right side of my face tingles, mostly just my cheek but goes away shortly like not even a minute..I told the doctor about that and he thinks it could be from my shoulder and neck pain that I have, It just suck's because I feel like the things they are telling me are wrong and is it possible to be misdiagnosed by that many doctors? I don't know what it all could be.. I have been to several doctors and they cant find anything.. It's not all in my head my symptoms are real.. I just worry it's worse than what they say. I've been like this for going on 7 months now.. If it was bad would I have more symptoms and would it have worsened by now? Can your sinuses make you light headed and can anyone recommend any test I should ask my doctor for?

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  • Wouldn't nessecarily rush in looking at more investigations. Investigations carry risks, sometimes serious ones. They should be based on history and examination and not just done blindly. For example a CT scan gives you a significant dose of radiation which could cause a cancer later in life. A non-contrast CT head would pick up a mass lesion (such as a brain tumour)- the contrast helps to define the nature of anything found, and also looks at the meninges.Simple things first- are you still on an extreme diet? Is your diet balanced?Your symptoms sound like they disturb you a lot, but there are a few things in what you've told me that are reassuring. The fact that you've had the symptoms for 7 months and you aren't dead or very ill goes strongly against this being cancer. The fact that you've had an essentially normal CT head is also reassuring.Sinusitis is a bit of a red herring really- probably incidental- you are entitled to have more than one disease at one after all!I'm not meaning to say that it's all in your head- you do have symptoms and they do cause you a lot of problems. That said every illness has both physical and psychological components, and it sounds from what you've written that you're at your wits end and fed up of it all. It may be worth considering whether there may be an element of depression (you've had all of this going on for months- I probably would be a bit down if I were in your shoes!), and whether chatting to a counsellor would be of benefit
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    • October 21, 2006
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