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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 1, 2013
  • 10:03 AM

I really need help i am so very ill and dont think i will last long,i am only 34 with 2 young daughters who are petrified there mum will die,
I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia 12 years ago the year before i was diagnosed i had what i thought were severe panic attacks and was put on antidepressants,ny symptoms got worse and it took one gp who is no longer around to check my b12 as no other gp was bothered about me and low and behold it was low so i had loading dose then every 3 months but since january this year i woke up with brain zap feelings then a few days later tingling that turned to burning in my legs so i went to my gp and was given the anxiety and depressed label yet again,i asked if i could have loading dose of hydro again and got a firm no as my levels are 2000 which that blood test was taken a week after my jab so no wonder,
Well things started getting worse with these symtpms
Fast heart
Weight loss
Muscle wasting
Burning and stabbing feelings in legs
Low blood pressure when getting up
Feeling my legs get extremely heavy when i get up
Almost passing out
Weak and heavy
Stiff crampy pain every were
Severe adrenaline type feelings in my stomach
Throat tightness and spasms difficulty to swallow
Hair thinning
Tremors and shakes
Feel really weak
Insomnia but fatigued
Body twitching when falling alseep
Waking up feeling ill with heart racing,stiffness and crampy pain i look like someone with parkinsons
Dry skin
Loss of appetite
Legs feel like jelly
A feeling like i am being brain damaged
Brain zaps
I feel absoluty dreadful and feel like i dont have long,my gps wont listen to me just keep saying my blood tests are ok and wont do no more,i even told the gp i have lost faith in doctors now,i am always ending up down A&E where a doctor in there said pernicious anemia isnt dangerous so foes to show doctors dont know much,i feel like i am losing my mind and want to end it now just to stop this suffering, i even went for a b12 infusion that did nothing,i do remeber last august my gp couldnt fit me in for my jab so i had to wait a extra 5 weeks for my jab,i have no idea what is wrong with me but i do know my body and know this is serious bit my doctors are putting it all down to mental health and wont do anymore for me or let me have more jabs,i just dont know what to do

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