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  • Posted By: histonecode
  • April 28, 2009
  • 01:48 AM

I'm a 21 year old female and I haven't been feeling well for about 8 months now. I've been to the doctor but with no insurance it's hard to afford having them test for numerous possible issues. They've tested for anemia, diabetes, and other possible bacterial infections. When those came back negative they referred me to the mental health clinic because they thought it was stress.
I have really bad night sweats, I lower my AC at night and bought fans to blow on me while sleeping and neither help.
I have tested positive for anemia in the past but I take daily Women's vitamins, Vitamin C, and an Iron/magnesium/calcium complex and have had no problems since.
I've had no energy and have been absolutely exhausted. When I come home from work I have to take a nap in order to remain functional and I'm still in bed by 10 every night (I get a full night's sleep every night). I nap between classes and sometimes fall asleep in class because I'm just so tired.
I have these little red dots (like pin ****k size) on my skin, they are random and NOT grouped together. For example, I have one spot on my forearm, one on my shoulder, a few on my chest, one on my stomach and several scattered on my upper thighs. They don't itch or anything and they're not raised either. I haven't been running any fevers.
However, I have been constantly ill since early 2009. I've had several sinus infections, bronchitis (twice), laryngitis, food poisoning and even pertussis (whooping cough which I had been vaccinated against in 1999). I have a permanent cold, or so it seems, constant runny nose, cough and sinus pressure. I've tried just about every allergy medicine and even tried an inhaler for awhile. There is a history of sinus problems in my family and my mother's recent skull xray showed polyps in her sinuses.
I don't know if it would be related or not but, my hips have been very sore, they almost feel like my thigh and hip bones are grinding together and when I lay down I'm left with a dull achy sensation in the joint. I've switched to more low impact exercise like biking to school instead of walking and it's not making a difference.
I have had cysts removed from my jaw as well as my wrist and I have another that doesn't cause any problems and comes and goes behind my left ear.
There is also a history of breast cancer on both sides of the family.

Any recommendations on tests I should request?
I appreciate your help, thanks!

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  • The first symptoms you listed are all symptoms of a bacterial tick born illness of Babesia. Please look it up. Also Check out Lymenet.com. My sn for Lymenet is soltice57. Please feel free to contact me if you think you might have this.Babesia causes Night sweats, and small red pin-****k rashes, along with other symptoms. I lived with several tick born illnesses for over 17 years (I am 21 also). That is how long it took to get my diagnosis. It's not something doctors think about, but ticks, tick bites, and thus tick born illnesses are pretty common. I really hope you get the diagnosis you need so you can get better. Best Wishes to you. Babesia(Babesiosis)Babesia is a protozoan spread by ticks, blood transfusion, and in utero. Despite there being 13 known forms to date, current testing only looks for two of them.Air hungerCoughFatigueFeversHeadacheHemolysisImbalance without true vertigoMild encephalopathyShaking chillsSweats
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  • WOW thank you. I didn't even think of that. I remember being bitten by a tick awhile ago while my boyfriend and I were at a local park (in Florida) taking pictures. I noticed it within 12 hours after leaving the park when I changed clothes. It is possible that it could be transmitted in such a short time period?
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  • Yes! Some doctors say it has to be attached for over 24 hrs, but that makes no sense. That would be like saying you have to have a needle pricking you for over 24 hrs to get HIV from it. The medical profession never takes that stance when it comes to any other blood transmitted disease. Ticks ingest Babesia while feeding off the host, and the parasite multiplies within the tick's gut wall. The parasites then spread to the tick's salivary glands. Inoculation into a vertebrate host occurs by a tick larva, nymph or adult tick. Another thing, I forgot to mention that I did not have any of those symptoms I listed above and still when tested for Babesia, my test came out positive. Below is a more comprehensive list of symptoms:Symptoms include high fever, chills, diaphoresis, weakness, Myagia, fatigue, anorexia and headache. Later in the course of the illness, the patient may develop jaundice and dark urine. Physical examination may reveal hepatomegaly and splenomegaly or evidence of shock. Rash is an uncommon symptom in babesiosis. Signs of central nervous system involvement include headache, photophobia, neck and back stiffness and emotional disturbances/mood swings.What is listed as the "most common" symptoms is as follows: Acute respiratory distress syndrome Anemia Congestive heart failure Disseminated intravascular coagulation Hypotension/shock Myocardial infarction Renal failure Thing is, I am pretty sure these (Very Serious) symptoms are listed as the most common simply because they are life threatening and people with these symptoms require serious medical consideration. I know of a great deal of people who never develop those symptoms, and discover they have babesia when doctors continue to not find anything majorly worng and they run the test for this as last resort. The symptoms I had/have include myalgia, fatigue, headache (from the people I have talked to about this who have babesia, we all say it feels like the base of your head is going to explode and extreme pain behind the eyes) and anorexia. My entire life I have been underweight, as I can not gain weight, and I loose it VERY easily. I have to make sure I eat a lot, multiple times a day, and increase food intake if I do any sort of physical activity, like walking around. My life revolves around food and making sure I get enough, but i have talking to many people with babesia who do not have this symptom.I have tried treating my Babesosis 2 times now, never making it on the treatment for more than 5-7 days. Every time i try to take medicines for it, I get VERY ill, loose weight, and loose appetite. But I know most people can handle treatment for it. For some reason I can't.When I first tried treatment, the first day I developed crazy mood swing which only lasted that first day (thank god). i have never had any sort of mood swing in my life. Always pretty happy. When I took that first dose, don't know why, it made me in the worst mood. I was so angry at everything and for no reason what to ever. The other symptom that popped up after I tried doing treatment was hot flashes. I would get them randomly throughout the day. If you ever get bitten by a tick again, go to the hospital. They will remove it properly, as so limit the risk of getting infected, and put you on Doxycycline to treat you of any bacteria that might have gotten in you. Where in FL were you when you got bit? I grew up in Florida and probably got my tick born illnesses there. I have Babesosis, Erhlichia, anaplasma and Lyme Disease. Its very common for a tick to carry nmore than one illness.
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  • Oh, and the hip soreness... That what I have. Its from Lyme Disease. If you get checked for Babesosis, they usually will check you for lyme, as lyme is the most common. I get very bad burning pain in my hips. It will also feel like something is snapping/grinding in my hip joints. That is actually called 'ballerina hips'. I have had it ever since I can remember and have had my hips x-rayed SO many times, and everything always checks out fine. You can look into the symptoms of lyme, but most of them are the symptoms of every other illness. Keep that in mind. There are a few 'red flag' ones. Such as having difficulty speaking and reading, rip cage pain... but those symptoms are signs of late stage lyme (lyme that goes untreated past the first few months of having it).Did you get a fever after being bit? a rash that had rings? or neck pain and stiffness? Flu like symptoms?If you had any of those, I would get tested for Lyme asap. How long ago did you get bit?
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