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Please help. ;_;

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  • Posted By: Raizok
  • March 6, 2009
  • 01:05 PM

I'm a 16 year old female, average weight and I've had no real big medical problems since around September and August. (I apologize beforehand this is really long) I've been to many doctors and done tons of blood work and I haven't had a diagnoses or any help.

In September, I was frequently tired, weak feeling, and I was almost always really dehydrated, I had to urinate a lot, I would fall asleep almost instantly in classes, the sleeps would last only a minute or two before I would jolt up.

I went to a doctor where they prescribed me elavil to help me sleep, even though I did not have any trouble. Instead it made me a lot more tired.
They also did some blood work to check for diabetes and they said everything was perfectly fine.

The fatigue, thirst, frequent urination, weakness still continued on, so I went to another doctor who looked at my previous tests and said I had one test where my blood sugar was low. It was I think 40mg/dL. I asked why it was low and they just responded with "you might've not ate anything", and I know I did because it wasn't a fasting blood test.

After a while I started linking how I felt to how I ate afterwards, I would get really tired and sluggish after lunch, this is when I would fall asleep without warning in classes. A diabetic friend started taking my blood sugar and it was on the 70 mark most of the time, and it never went higher. A lot of the times it was below 70.
Once again I'm sorry this is really long D:

A friend said I should try the low carb diet to see if it would help anything, I did and I felt a lot better. I could think clearer, I didn't fall asleep as much and I didn't have to use the washroom as much.

Oh, also. After I ate I would have accompanying headaches.. Uhm..Before I started eating low carbohydrate..

A while back I went to another doctor because in class I started getting extremely bad chest pains, like someone was squeezing or crushing the inside of my chest. It was hard to breathe and I couldn't focus or move without it hurting a lot.
The doctor pressed on my chest and poked and prodded me and said my ribcage was inflamed but never told me why, it still feels the same when I press on it too.

I tried to stop the low carbohydrate diet because I was reading up on the problems a lot of meat can cause you and such. And I fell back into the period where I would get really sick and tired after I ate, and have horrible headaches.

Now I'm homeschooled, I didn't tell my parents why I wanted to because they don't believe me being actually sick. Since I started, I've started having extremely bad headrushes, where I would feel nauseous and dizzy and I would get a pounding headache.

It's been almost a month with these headrushes.. I've started becoming extremely tired as well, I'd sleep 7 or 8 hours a day.. Get up, my head would start throbbing, I would lay down and fall asleep again.. I don't have any energy at all, I seem to go into frequent naps too without realizing it.
I still get thirsty often, and have to use the washroom a lot, the headaches don't seem to go away much anymore and tylenol or pain killers don't help.
I'm losing a bit of weight, and I'm hungry a lot too.

A while ago I was talking with a friend over IM, and I remember feeling tired all of a sudden again.. So I layed down and went into sleep paralysis.. Its happened since I was little and stopped for the last few years but it came back again.. Just it happened 10 or 15 times, and I finally remember falling asleep and having a long dream and when I woke up my friend was still IMing me over the chat, and i had only slept for about 10 minutes.

Please I need help, I really don't like doctors because all they do is send me to labs and stick needles in me, the sleeping is really starting to affect my school. I'm falling behind a lot and I can't help it.. I can't think with the headaches either and I'm getting hungry a lot and I need to use the washroom a lot more too. My legs and abdomen are really starting to ache badly.A while back I would also wake up in the middle of the night because of stomach pains in my sides.

I'm so sorry this is really long.. doctors haven't helped me at all, and I thought being homeschooled would help out since I thought I might've gotten sick from stress from friends or in the classroom, but it's back again.
Please help ><
The headaches are driving me insane and I'm scared to get up because I feel like to vomit.

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  • You need to see a doctor and ask to be tested for hypoglycemia. They will make you drink a small bottle of glucose (sugar) and then they will take blood tests before and for a few hours after. You sound like you are hypoglycemic. Kiera
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  • Forgot to post this link. http://www.hypoglycemia.asn.au/articles/WhatIsHypoPM.pdf
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