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  • Posted By: **LJ**
  • July 31, 2007
  • 05:47 AM


I am a 22 yr old female and have a few issues with my legs and arm, that so far doctors have not been very helpful with:( ... I eat well and am not overweight - I was diagnosed with IBS about 3 years ago though i don't think that that will have any influence on these problems.

- I have broken capillaries all up my thighs (very noticable) and I am not sure on how to prevent any more from appearing and to treat the ones already there. I first noticed them when I was about 16ish...
- When I was young I use to get aches behind my knees, doctors said growing pains though i still sometimes get this now though its only ever at night! It is very painful!!! The veins are prominent and i get pain relef by strerching and leaning on my back with my legs raised and leaned against a wall...
- Unrelated to these maybe??? my arm (right) in my elbow goes dead (pins and needles) every time i am in bed, this too is starting to drive me crazy! its okay as long as i dont lie on my right side. Again, I get pain relief from holding my arm above my head and stretching it....

Any opinions would be appreciated!!

Thankyou for your help.

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  • Do your close relatives have spider veins?
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  • Yes, my mum has broken capillaries on her thighs and spider viens though she does not have the pain like i get...
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  • Unfortunately a large component of varicose and spider veins is genetic. Look up all the things you should be doing to prevent more problems. There are also some surgical alternatives. Vitamin K lotions don't work very well...quoting the dermatologists. Also, the ulnar nerve might be getting crunched when you sleep. Look up ulnar nerve impingement and see if there are any exercises etc. that you can do.
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  • Some varicose and spider veins are painful to some people. Usually they will get worse if you are older or overweight, because docs believe that it is due to poor circulation. Seeing as how you are neither, does your work require you sto stand on your feet for long hours of the day? That can contribute to problems. I have heard that some types of panyhose can help with pain for this problem. That is what they tell Pregnant women to do who develop spider veins. Take good care of yourself and eat things that help with circutaion, spicy things might help...
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  • Spider veins on the legs are in fact the same thing as varicose veins except smaller. Varicose veins can be caused by a variety of factors. Among these are genetics, pregnancy, traumatic injuries or can even be occupationally induced by having a job which requires long hours of standing. It is important to take steps insuring to keep good circulation through your legs. Unfortunately if it is in your genes it may be inevitable that you develop at least some spider veins. There are a variety of treatments available today. Among them are sclerotherapy, which involves a series of micro-injections of a solution that seals the vein (and its smaller feeder veins) forcing the body to re-route bloodflow to healthy veins. Sclerotherapy is widely accepted as the gold standard in varicose vein treatment. There is also Endovenous Laser Treatmentor (EVLT) which uses a fiber optic laser that is inserted into the vein and uses heat to seal the vein. This process is not considered to be painful in most cases but it can be pricey and may not seal the feeded veins as well as sclerotherapy.Even after therapy spider veins will have a tendency to keep popping up. It is a painful fact but once you find you are susceptible to spider veins, there is no way to be totally rid of them.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sclerotherapyhttp://www.veinclinics.com/veins-spider/index.html
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