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  • Posted By: neutrino
  • May 18, 2008
  • 02:55 PM

If anyone can help me I’d be so grateful. I’m at the end of my tether.

I have a sensation at the entrance to my anus like something is moving, it’s there constantly, not only at night, but when I look, I can see nothing.

I don’t become hungry anymore, I just suddenly get ravenous but whatever I eat doesn’t seem to give me any energy, it just bloats me until about two hours later when I need to eat again. I no longer have the energy to do anything, and my I’m starting to loose the ability to concentrate on anything (work or domestic life) . The sensations have been getting worse for six months now and for the last three days I have been very week (especially my lower arms) and I’m now very dizzy. I can’t remember what it’s like to wake up and not have a hungry sensation in my stomach.

I seem to have tiny little particles in my underwear (noticeable if I’m wearing black) and the volume seems to increase with the intensity of the moving sensation.

My doctor has tested me for everything, including two parasite tests and each has come back negative. I’m scared to go back because they’re going to start thinking I’m crazy but I just can’t go on feeling like this. I’m irritable (because I’m permanently hungry or dizzy) and I’m so unhappy I could just give up.

Please help if you have any suggestions. Many thanks.

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  • Sweetheart, you are not crazy and you should never worry about what the doctor thinks. You know you are not well and that alone should be enough for you to keep going back. Your symptoms could be caused by some kind of endocrine issue or it could be stomach related. Have the checked your bloodsugar. It is very common to have extreme hunger pains from diabetes. You should bring a sample of the particles you are talking about with you to the doctors as well so he can have them checked out in a labratory. If you can you should scrape some of these particles into a clead labglass that you can buy at the drug store. There are many types of parasites. Hope you are able to find some relief soon. Kiera
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  • Sounds like it could be a tapeworm. There are more than two varieties of parasites. There is also a difference between a tapeworm and a parasite. You should probably get a colonoscopy; maybe he could get a visual of them.
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  • You know what I would do. I would go to the emergency room today or tomorrow. If you have a specimen that you can take with you take it. Tell them everything. You would be surprised the knowledge of the ER docs. It is way better than an MD because it has to be with all they do and the different people they treat. If it is a matter of insurance or payment, ask for the health and human resources person from the hospital and they will get you the paperwork to get it covered. You do not need that added stress. You sound like you are going downhill pretty quickly with the different things that you mention. You do not want to kick off, it is not your time. This sounds serious and the eating thing cannot be good either, nor the night stuff. You must be losing sleep and your anxiety levels are understandably elevated. All not good for you. If you go tomorrow to the ER it will give you some time to collect specimens and the HR people will be there on Monday as well. If you go today, tell them you need the HR info and they should give you a business card. If you have insurance it will be covered. Do not mess around and then too ask them to refer you to a specialist as your MD has not helped as yet. God Bless you and Good Luck!
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  • i think you have some kind of parasite or tapeworm. Parasites can be hard to pick up on tests.. ive read somewhere that only 10% of the time a parasite will be picked up on a test, hence one needs repeat testing or just do some parasite treatment. http://www.drnatura.com/ is meant to be a good parasite cleanse (gets rid of tape worms and other things).
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