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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 10, 2008
  • 07:12 PM

Im eighteen years old. I feel i am spiraling downwards with my health. My family has gone through some very hard rough patches. I am always tired, I have most of the symptoms of cushings but my doc says it is just something to do with my ovaries. I have episodes where i feel i cannot breathe, my heart jumps sometimes, I feel scared and jumpy all the time. I cant get anyone to listen to me. Teenage angst is what they have been blaming it on. Has anyone heard of any disorder or ANYTHING like this? I think i have cushings and maybe GAD but i dont know for sure.

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  • Well, you should have your glandular levels checked for thyroid, along with sugar levels. Yeah, if you are in the middle of family stuff, it's enough to wack you out on all levels. If you are in high school, you should talk with your counselor and know that this is just temporary...you'll be moving on soon. You can try hypnosis or bio-feedback if you can afford it.
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  • Have they checked for Grave's disease yet?
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  • Yes, stress can be a trigger for thryoid problems, I agree with elke on that and more. That is what happend to me! If you want to get some help from the doctors here are a couple of ideas 1. Get tested for thryoid problems with these blood tests FT4, FT3 TSH and the antibodies for Graves Disease (hyperthyroid) and Hashimotos (hypothryoid) while you are at it. You doctor might say TSH blood work is enough, but insist on all the above-mentioned. Thyroid problems are very, very, very common and sometimes the doctors don't recognized the symptoms right away. But these problems usually can be helped fairly easily with proper treatment. The thryoid regulates many systems in your body and certainly would make you tired and give you heart palpitations and such as well as the other symptoms. 2. Also, it is possible with all the family problems, it really is stress. You may be having some anxiety and anxiety attacks right now. Your doctor may suggest an anti-anxiety medication for the time being. 3. It can be hormonal so it would not hurt to have ovarian hormones checked. Are you having regular periods? You can get this blood work from doctor as well. 4. Also as self help, try to eat well, stay away from the junk food and sugar, and if you can motivate, take a walk around the block, and talk to a good friend. I think you health problem can be taken care of with some proper advice from the doctor...you will be ok, I don't think you have anything really horrible (which is what we all often think! : ). ) You will be ok.
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  • Check out poly-cystic ovarian syndrome PCOS.
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