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  • Posted By: julief
  • February 26, 2008
  • 11:53 AM

Okay this a long one so here goes.......

when I was 16 I had an nervous system reaction to something in the marijuana I was smoking and my breathing was affected it was like I had SIDS I would just stop breathing for no reason when I was going to sleep or doing something that involved concertration on something other than breathing anyway that resolved itself but left me with with sever panic attacks, then I started getting compltely numb everywhere in my body the day after I would drink alcohol and when I was drinking a dul aching pain in my back which was only helped by heat and made far worse bu cold........ ( I stopped drinking) I developed such sever panic attacks the doctors put me on anti depressents all of which I had severe reactions the doctors suggested I was very chemical sensative, all the reactiosn I had had lasting affects dizziness, strange thoughts, tingling so forth. I also had a car accident and injured my neck to bulging vertebras which are now okay. I get dizzy all the time which I know comes from my neck, as when I rub certain places it makes its worse, I get numbness in all diffrent parts of my body, blurry vision (which has just started) on and off, Im currently having diffivulty speaking my words comes out all jumbled and slow have difficulty pronuncing words, I feel uncoidinated at times and am having difficulty with using my hands at times, a few months ago I suddenyl could not swallow food liquid was mostly fine but food I couldnt handle even with liquid I would have alittle then my swallowing reflex just stopped and I couldnt get anything down it lasted for 6 months varying in severity then just suddenly come good after a chiroprator visit Im not sure if it was coincidence or what, I still ahve difficult smotimes but rarley. I have raynards but not very severe. I also have a problem with thick mucous coming out the back of my nose into my throat, this started happening after a tooth extraction with happened around the time my swallowing got better also, after I go to the dentist and have my mouth open for long periods my swallowing tends to get worse, since the car accident where my head hit the steering wheel sideways I have had a jaw that dislocates when I open it. I get extremly bad pressure in my face and head when my jaws playing up. I have had CTS, MRIS, blood tests, eeg, ecg, everything comes back normal the doctors have no idea what it is. This sounds weird but I feel like my nerves are part of this if I get dizzy I can rub a spot at the bottom of my back and it will relive the dizziness or in my shoulder or on the side of my butt muscle. I feel like I am short of breath or its hard to breath and I rub the muscles in between my ribs and it feels easier. My symptoms come and go an vary in severity all the time, I feel like I am going insane half the time please if anyone can help or suggest anything I would be really greatful. I dont know if I have explained it well its just really hard. I have two children both babies and I just want to get this sorted so I can be a proper mother to them.

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