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  • Posted By: brighteyes2337
  • May 24, 2007
  • 05:09 AM

The last few months I've had the most horrible periods that i've ever had. The cramps were absolutely horrific!! Bad enough that I had almost passed out from some. I tried everything I could think of (midol, pamprin, water, herbs, exercise...etc...)to get some kind of relief. However, nothing would help. This month, after my period has ended, I am still having what felt like menstrual cramps along with extreme lower back pain. I contacted my obgyn for an exam. She assured me that this was all normal since I've been on birth control for almost 5 years.
Its been almost 3 weeks since the end of my period, and I am still having these pains almost every day. I finally gave up and went to the hospital when the pains had changed to both menstrual cramps and a shooting pain on the right side of the same area. They did a pelvic exam along with an ultrasound. The ultrasound didnt show anything but an enlarged ovary on my right side. They also took a urine sample, which did not show anything either. The dr. said that he has no idea of what could be causing it or where to go from here. Any advice of what the cause or diagnosis could be?? What kinds of tests or treatments are available?

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  • You say your ovary was found to be enlarged but no cyst? I used to get pain after my period during ovulation which was a pain in the ovary region, symptoms the same as yours. It would last for days then go away.Years later, my ovary developed a cyst. I was taken to hospital to find that the cyst had ruptured and had surgery to oversew and fix the ovary and also had appendix removed due to inflammation from infection from said cyst. After this, every mth like clockwork after my period I would get this pain. I went on to have 3 children, no pain in ovary during pregnacy. I would have drs keep an eye on that ovary and get them to treat the pain. I know this is no answer but ovulation seems to be the clue to the pain. Keep us posted As EvErCat;)
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  • Hi! A similar thing happened to me as kitcat. Bright eyes, my symptoms started out similarly, too. I was 26, had a horrific, painful period - not super heavy flow either. The only thing that relieved my pain was a narcotic. I dismissed it. I think I was a few days late and a preg. test may have been positive so I thought I was just miscarrying. Then, next period, it happened again. All blood tests were normal, including preg. (blood) and even STDs. I had pain after my period. Nausea, too. Cat Scan was normal. Finally, when I visited the radiologist for a test, he kept asking me where the pain was....I think I was seeing him for an ultrasound to r/o ectopic preg. This was in a small Navy hospital where I was treated. The kind radiologist kept asking me where the pain was. It was sometimes on the R, L and around belly button. He decided on the spot to do an unprepared barium enema and do x-rays. What test is this? Anyway, I drank a little barium and then he injected the rest as an enema. My appendix would not fill. He said that indicated a blockage of some sort and most likely it was appendicitis. He also said the pain would localize and it sure did. I saw the surgeon, and by this time, the paiin localized. He also did an exam different than other Dr.'s did. When he pressed my appendix area (Meckle's Diverticulum - the midpoint between your belly button and hip bone) and then quickly let go, it HURT! It didn't hurt upon depression, only when he let go. Apparently that is a classic sign of appendicitis.I had to have my appendix removed electively because it was not acute, so it took 2 more weeks. The pain also got worse and more specific and I lost 10 pounds due to nausea. Whenever I hit a pot hole in the road (after surgery, too), I could feel it in my appendix. Turns out the appendix walls were thickened and had the presence of neutrophils. Chronic appendicitis. My appendix also apparently had 3 "fingers" to it. It was difficult to remove hence they enlarged my incision. The surgeon said it was very deep and they had to "dig" to get to it. I was in so much pain during recovery for about a month due to them feeling around inside. The surgeon also did exploratory surgery to check out my reproductive organs for other things since my surgery was "elective". All was fine and in its correct place (the surgeon was surprised I had never been pregnant, b/c I was not on the pill and married/sexually active). Strangely, on other cat scans since then I now have a cyst, 2.5 cm on my R ovary. I also needed progesterone supplementation to become pregnant when I finally decided to have children 5 years later. My periods were/are 22-23 days apart. Gee, I wonder if there is more to this supposed ovarian cyst than I thought? Like kitcat, I have had 2 children...though it wasn't easy getting pregnant. I still have the pain off and on. I think though, I am now a little desensitized to some of the pains I get because I have had kidney stones. I read that the appendix area can become painful because the nerves become sensitized. I am glad they r/out an ectopic pregnancy for you, but sorry you have no answers and are in pain! I think the test the radiologist did on me (barium enema) was "unconventional" or old fashioned, but he knew the tricks to use the equipment he had. He also was good at finding a diagnosis. I also think he was from Africa....Uganda. I do not understand why Dr.'s STOP at STUMPED?!?!?!? It is like Dr.'s are not taught to think or have such a tight noose around their neck for justifying tests. Here is some good info on appendicitis: http://www.medicinenet.com/appendicitis/page2.htm. It gives good info on what tests are needed. Elsewhere on the site are other things that mimic appendicitis. All your ultrasound did was rule out an ectopic pregnancy and find your cyst. You need more tests. Ultrasounds are OK, but....a joke sometimes. Most of the time, they don't pick up kidney stones. I think it is just an easy, cheap test for Dr.'s to order, so they go with that. However, if you are pregnant....you better have a super good reason to get an ultrasound in the U.S.!!! Go figure! Sorry to gripe about my own issues..... Try to do the test I described above (pressing down in the Meckels diverticulum area and suddenly letting go). If it hurts upon release, then, you'll know. Good luck and let us know how things turn out.
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