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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 14, 2007
  • 01:06 AM

I am a 32 female.

I have been sick for around 6 months now.
It started of with numbness and tingling on the side of my face and then my arms and legs as well as my back this went on for a few weeks. I had a ct scan and mri of my head which were both normal. I was diagnosed with h pylori I went on antibiotics while on this treatment I was diagnosed with having a blood clot in my leg which was treated with amoxiperin.Since being ill I have lost 50 lbs. I have lost a lot of hair as well. I have been tested for lupus and ms they were both negative. I also had a colonoscopy and endscopy which show chronic gastritis but nothing else. I no longer have a regular periods and when I do get it ,it is just clots coming out no blood flow. I have had a ct scan of my chest and abdomen which also showed nothing. Recently I have developed very small lymph nodes in my neck and and groin but the doctors don't think it is lymphoma because my scan in December did not show any lymph nodes in my chest or abdomen. I have had a few night sweats when this whole thing began but it was only from the neck up and no high fevers. My most recent symptom is I find at times my skin gets extremely soft and warm and I also have muscle weakness and pain. Anyone with the same symptoms or have any further suggestions for testing please let me know.Resent blood were all normal except platelet count was eleveated at 444 and wbc was slightly low at 39.

I'm so frustrated.

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  • I feel for you. I have been sick for a year in 2 months, and my sickness sounds a lot like yours. If it's the same, you do start to feel a bit better after about 8 or 9 months, though I'm not sure it ever goes totally back to normal. I have no idea what happened to me or why, how..One day I was fine, next day not, haven't been the same since. What remains for me is dry mouth and IBS, acid reflux..The tingling is more or less gone, and the muscle aches eased for the most part. I tried an antidepressant, and this helped a little, you may want to try that, it eases the pain a bit, to be more relaxed..I couldn't stay on them though, too many side effects, but a mild one may be an option for you if your at the end of your rope, it does help a bit..Also exercise, and a good diet, but caffine, alcohol, nicotine, drugs, etc. I quit smoking after 11 years because of this, not sure it helped...but none the less good choice...I keep going to Dr's, keep thinking one will find something eventually. If you can afford, keep going, and post any results here. By the way, I'm taking a poll, because mystery illnesses seem to be popping up all over, what state are you in? I'm in New York sTate - just wondering if there is a environmental/infectious connection....
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  • Thanks for your reply i don't feel so alone now.I from Canada.How much weight have you lost. the weight loss is what scares me the most.
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  • hello,phew..lot of problems...however only one diagnosis....POLYMYALGIA RHUEMATICA.google it trust me.i know what i am talking about,my mum has the exact same problems,but hers have been going on for three years now....its not a very well known problem but it is one nonetheless.ask to be tested for it at your gp,also what info you find on goole print and take with you.hope this helps,rebecca xx
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  • http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/diseases/facts/polymyalgia.htm read it,rebecca
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  • Lyme Disease and /or coinfections, the east coast is crawling with it and so is Canada.Many Mystery illnesses, lead back to undx'd lyme. The elisha test is not good. You need a western blot. Check out these links. canlyme.com and lymenet.org Best wishes~~Dee
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  • Thanks for the good advice I'll definatly look into it.
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  • Hello, I am the original poster from New York. Canada borders me in NY. I'm not sure, but typically a physician who hears complaints like mine will first think to run a test on the rheumatoid factor, mine did, and negative results. Thanks for the info, article, I will bring it up to my dr., maybe the tests are more advanced that the article mentions, and the ra factor test is not the same..Worth a shot anyway. One thing that looked familiar was the pavrovirus reference in the article. After doing a number of blood tests, one thing they did notice was at some point in my life I was exposed to the Pavro virus, an although it may not have been my current issue, I had run into it, and it was above average level...Interesting there. Again, thanks for the info. Food for thought. I have another dr's app't next month. I'm going to ask for another liver panel, and maybe an MRI/CTScan for my digestive system. Although I do feel an improvement over the past 6 months, my digestive system seems to have not returned to normal, and I wonder if permanent damage has not been done. My biggest worry is that I won't be able to have children when I am ready.....I can't try now, just isn't the right time, but I'm scared whatevervirus/infection I was exposed to has affected me indefinately. It's such a scary thought, I'm just trying to learn to live with it at the moment. I cry in private, it's hard to focus on my job, and my responsibilites. I'm hanging on, I just someday for a diagnosis. Who knows. I'll look into the article you sent, it's a direction anyway, thanks again. Good luck to you the original poster. I will look here occasionally, and please do the same, I will post findings and test results.
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  • Benifiber is over the counter and found to help my awful IBS. A teaspoon of vingear (white or apple cider) helped with the acid relux, and stopped taking the purple pill. All my other symptoms stopped after I got the IBS and stomach pains under control. Stomach ulcers actually are from a lack of acid in the stomach and the makers of all these ulcer medications do not want people to know, trust me the vineager will work
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  • Thanks for the advice about the vinegar, I have some, and will try it.. I swear the prevacid I'm on makes me worse...although it stops the burning in my throat, I get all of these other weird symtpoms and pains when i am on it, and doctors don't seem to listen or hear this stuff, they mostly just looked puzzled, disinterested..drives me crazy, considering I freakining pay them. OH,well. In the beginning I lost about 10-15 lbs, but as I felt better, I started to pack on the weight, now weight gain/obecity is as issue. I feel as though I am more unhealty gaining this weight and being bloated, so not sure it's better now...hang in there, please keep posting results/ideas, etc..
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  • I wonder if you have had your thyroid checked. perhaps a scan or an ultral sound. Loss of weight and hair falling out are signs that your thyroid could be off. also your skin texture and sweating. Just thought I would mention it. Good health to you. A friend Judy
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  • Thanks for your advice i am scdueled to have an ultra sound of my neck.I will keep everyone updated on the outcome.thanks again
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