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pills,pills,pills thats all i get!!

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  • Posted By: amelia1
  • June 18, 2008
  • 02:19 PM

Hi everyone.my name is Amelia and a few weeks ago I injured my back lifting a patient off the floor.I did the usual treatments that the docs recommended.After which I progressively return to work.The day before yesterday I woke up feeling a little off.That morning I felt a sharp pain in my lower back.Then a few minutes later I got some numbness in my legs.By the time I got to work(50 min. later),I couldn't get out of my car.I was scared ****less and i couldn't feel my legs and my spine was on fire.I was brought to the emergency to be treated with lack of care.My doctor had barely examined me,gave me several types of pain pills throughout an 8 hour span,then sent me home with several pain meds prescriptions.No xray,scans or mri's,not even a blood test.He didn't even listen to me when I told him that this pain didn't feel like my back pain i had sustain the last time.I am quite angry since the back pain is still very present.And yes I'm taking my pain meds.They don't seem to work.All I feel is very,very sleepy and ALOT of PAIN!!Can anyone help or have any suggestions?!

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  • Go to a different hospital or find another doctor.
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  • Amelia, You need an MRI to exclude herniation of invertebral disk! Go to a diffrent hospital! Good luck, hope you soon feel better http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/images/icons/icon7.gif
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  • I too think you should go to a different doctor or hospital and insist you have a scan. Doctors often underestimate what someone feels or what could be wrong. I did my back in last year.. lifting a brick (my body wasnt used to exercise and my muscles were all weak). I was paralysed just to pain!! I couldnt even move to roll, the slightest degree of pain had me screaming like a burns victim. I was put into hospital but doctor didnt believe how much pain I was in or that I could feel that something was seriously wrong with my back..... that is until they insisted after several days, that I try to sit up in bed and go to toilet...only to then find out I went unconscious due to it. (nurse missed catching me so i slammed unconscious onto the floor). It wasnt the actual pain which had me go unconscious.. but something I could feel which was weird with my spine. When I hit the floor.. whatever was wrong with my back, when I came too (they had me on oxygen then)..whatever had been wrong, was back in place. It was only after that (I went unconcious twice while there).. that doctor suddenly decided to send to to another hospital via ambulance to have a cat scan on my spine!!! (they ended up keeping me in hospital for a week and wanted to keep me in longer than that but I was very peeved off that they hadnt taken me seriously from the start). The scan revealed I had a bulging disc and the cause of my injury was osteo arthritis (which they also found out I have in 3 places of my spine..and Im only 37 yrs). It is still unknown thou what was wrong which fixed when I passed out and fell onto floor (before the scan was done).
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  • to those who think I don't have any common sense,I've been to 2 different docs already.To TANIAAUSTI1 thank you for your compassion and understanding.I will keep pressing on until someone listens to me.I'm on only day 4 with pain and I stop taking the meds.All they were doing to me was making me really sleepy. Not a great combo when you got kids to take care of. I Hate taking meds!!In the mean time icing my back and taking an ice bath seems to be killing the pain for an hour or so a day.BURRR!!!I really don't know how athletes do the ice bath thing but I can tell you its so ****ing hard to get in the bath.once you're in it takes atleast a minute or two work.getting out is a BREEZE!!LOL!!
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