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Physical Symptoms - no diagnosis!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 18, 2008
  • 02:01 PM

For the past two months my husband has been experiencing numerous physical symptoms including chronic head and neck pain (which started suddenly). In addition, he gets "attacks" where his heart races, limbs go numb, he gets dizzy and lightheaded, strange eye sensations and is very irritable. He's also "borderline" diabetic. At times his blood sugar peaks to 16 - although the diabetes tests are also negative. He's seen his family physician, and has undergone a battery of tests (blood work, ultrasound, CT Scan, physical, urine tests etc.) but all of the tests have shown up negative. He's been referred to a neurologist and interal medicine doctor, but those appointments are months away. Because of these symptoms he's unable to work (as he works with heavy machinery) and has been very depressed because he feels like "it's in his head." At first, I doubted too but I've seen the physical symptoms as well. Could this be psychological?

Please help us if you have any suggestions at all - we need relief!

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  • It certainly sounds like the diabetes to me. Go to Target and get an EasyPro if you don't have a blood meter. They are only like $20 bucks. Take his blood sugar first think in the morning. Then, whenever he is feeling dizzy or cranky take it again. Also, it could be a food allergy? My sister had an issue like this and it turned out she was allergic to milk products. She cut out all milk and diary (bummer, no cheese :-)) and in two weeks was like a new woman! The interesting thing was, nothing turned up on the allergy test she had at the doctor's office. It isn't all in his head!
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  • First of all, I'm very sorry that your husband and you are going through all this, it's quite a nightmare.Your hubby is clearly exhibiting that are each endocronological and neurological. I'm assuming the sudden onset of neck pain was not preceeded by any sort of accident. The Endocrine system controls all our hormones, glands...it's not my area (sorry) but you might be able to see an Internist sooner than these other specialist. I cannot comprehend how a bood sugar reading of 16 would not raise an alarm. The woman who suggested you buy a glucometer gave some really good advice. You need fasting and after eating. If it's hypoglycemia, his sugar will soar after eating, especially if he hasn't eaten for a while. It explains the mood swings too. Diabetc or hypoglycemic, it's still important to eat something every two hours. It may at least relieve some of those more extreme symptoms. I have a shortcut for Neurology too. Go to an Opthamologist (not an optrician). You should be able to see one within the week. The Opthamologist has a very clear view into the brain via the optic nerve. Be sure to tell him/her about all the symptoms. If the Opth. can dx Optic Neuritis some mild steroids might be prescribed (short term). These relieve inflammation throughout the body so there could be help from that avenue as well. An Internist and an Opthamologist. That's my plan. I wish you both the best of luck.
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  • You can try the blood sugar checks, but if your doc has already done a fasting blood sugar, it's probably a waste of time. It sounds more like blood pressure to me. I know they've probably checked his pressure, but buy your own cuff, check it against another cuff, and check his pressure in the am, and whenever symptoms come about.
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