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Phosphine Gas Tocix Inhalatoin Survivor

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 24, 2008
  • 05:04 AM

8 motnhs ago I was subject toia sever tocix Inhalatoin of Phospohine gas.
I ended up with
Hypoxia, 90% with 100% oxygen, Ascebndig patralysis, respiarrtory arrest Intubated ventialetd (for 3 days) severe pulmonary edema, ARDS, small pericardial effusion, EKG changes (transient lasting 4 days) Tropinin more than .34. persereistant acidosis 7.24, hupocalcemia, hupakolemia, hypomagensia, annuria, elevated liver enzymes, bradicardia with marked hypotmension cardivascualr collapes, on Dopamine. in ICU for 10 days.

I survived thankfully.
Inntially remained oxygen, weaned off. Heaptic function retuned to normal over next few months as did renal functoin.
Had bouts of sustained tachycardia, ebven when at rest or asleep, but settled.
Lungs ok now, Pulmonologust sauys I have reactive Airways, just have to carry a ventolin puffer now.
Neuo intially wquite coinfusedm forgetfull, disoreitnedm geographycal dyspraxixa
Stubling ang fumbling left side, turn head to right and veroff to left.
pertsistant headaches right side and inset of Aural migraines with vison loss, 3 to 6 times a week for a few months.
Headaches gradually lessend, aural ones rare now.
Still get a bto confused aor forgetfull, especially if unfdeer pressure, toired or steressed or emotional
Emjnotions a somewhat exaggerated than what I used to be. Loud laugh, get frustrated easily.
Under weekly physoitherapy as my corsdination and balance still not 100% Physio assessment reports a mild left side hemiparesiss

I am off all medicatoin now.
MRI 2 months aftre event shiwed very very mild vage diffuse (sorry iforgoit word) but no fical lesoin.
EEG intiall one s 2 months after event howed some moderate slow waves.
Subsewuqant one showed normal
Nerve comnduction study 1 motnha ago is normal.

Now I get occasional headches, mostly right isded.
Still forgetfull, comnfused easliltyy frustrated when tired, underpressure ot stressed.
Onset of shooting pains 5 months ago in fingers side of hands, elbow back, side of legs, feet.
Initially barely noticeable. Now much more frewuent, mnore intese and lasting longer now up to about 10 secends. Not severe pain, at worset only moderate but wearing, beginning to distyurb slkeep.

I exercise, ride bicysle 4 tiomes a day, eat really nutrisciously take viatmins, go to physio weekly, and to mind body classes, trying to stimualte my mind and body through cvarious natruarl therapies and excerxcises
before tha "accident" I was an EMS nurse, paraglider pilot, artist and uni strudent.
Now I am undasfe to fly, unableto study, am working but not in EMS.

The doctore here have neaver dealt with a phosphne gas case.
Is there anyonme out there who has experience, is a survisour, knows what is happening, what treamtents can inporve my recivery, what my prognoisis is, has any vcvaluable information, I would be so very gratefull.
best regards

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