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Persistant pain and symtoms undiagnosed

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 15, 2009
  • 05:02 AM

I've been having persistant cystitis and yellow vaginal discharge for a year. The cystitis pain is so bad i can barely leave my house and cry if i have to go to work which is only 10hours a week. I had to quit my studies because of it. I have to pee more than usual but not as badly as when i have actully had a UTI..Its jus the severe burning, stinging feeling that never goes away, amd awlays need to pee but can't. I've had every pathology test done for UTI's STD and infections all coem back negative, jus says i have alot of epithial or white blood cells and sometimes blood. I have irregular bleeding between period and after sex which is also very painful. Im only 19 years old and had never even had thrush or a UTI in my life before this started. I've had a laparoscopy which came back normal, no endometriosis, a cystoscopy which showed inflamation in the base of my bladder which the doctor lasered out and said should heal up in a m onth, but that was 4 months ago. I had a UTI when the whole thing started but was treated with antibiotics and had since come back with no growth. I've taken over 30 courses of diff antibitotics int he last year for possible uti or PID but it has no effect except for upsetting my stomach and giving me thrush. Ive seen 3gynos and 2 uros who basically told me to **k off bkaus there is no cause for my symtoms n keep asking me if im depressed because i look unhappy which *****s me off to the max. Ive never suffered from depression and I reckon if they were in the constant pain and discomfort ive been in for the last year they wouldnt be looking to cheery themselves. I'm sick of paying to see these doctors who offer no help, I can barely go to work as it is which leaves me broke since i use every cent to see them. Ive dropped from 53kgs to 45kgs since being sick. Their suggestion to me was to exersice more as it is a pain reliever. Ive always been into gym and sport but have to give it all up for the severe pain, as for the first 6months of this i could not bare to walk. Oh they also keep asking if i sleep around even though I've told them a million times ive had the same bf for 3yrs. They checked him for infections but came back clean. Ive had 3 papsmears in the last year, all fine. Had 3 ultrasounds and CT scan all fine. Also been on Yasmin pill which made everything worse. The last gyno sent a letter to my gp which mentioned i have a cervical ectropion which they say is normal. When i researched it on the net yesterday it says it causes yellow discharge and has been known to cause cystitis. Anyone else heard of this? i duno why the f@#K they dont even mention it to me. Anyone else got a problem like mine? Ive also tried every vitamin or medicine around, acupuncture, naturopath and am in AUS, I don't think our doctors aren't as good as in America, they won't even admit that stuff lilke Interstitial Cystitis exists.

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