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Period + Kidney Problems. Getting Severe

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  • Posted By: fistsizedmachine
  • July 8, 2011
  • 11:15 PM

I've been having these problems since I was about 12. I have since been to several doctors and every one of them has seemed to be clueless about what is wrong. Things are starting to get severe, and they are getting even worse. I desperately need some help, and any and all information will me most appreciated.

-"Pimples" in genital region. Not sure if they are actually pimples. These have been happening since I was in middle school. It's almost like, infected hair follicles or something when I shave.
-FREQUENT Urinary Tract Infections, which of course lead to Bladder Infections, which unfortunately lead to....
-...Recurrent Kidney Infections. I have been on 5 different antibiotics since February this year just for these infections (UTI included), not counting the occasional infection before. They are getting more and more severe, to the point that my last kidney infection made me completely delirious and unable to walk unassisted just to get to my bathroom. All kidney tests come back normal, FYI.
-Chronically irregular periods. ALWAYS late. I get maybe 7 or 8 periods a year. And they are so light, that I use 3/4" tampons and one lasts me from when I wake up, to when I go to bed.
-Periods getting even more irregular these past few months. I just went 13 weeks without a period. And then the one I got only lasted for 3 1/2 hours.
-Was put on Birth Control to regulate periods. Have been on them before, but was forced to stop because they thought it might be what's reacting with my kidneys. Just started them again 4 weeks ago. A Patch. It's not really helping that much.
-A...rash??? On my seat. Actually not sure what to call that area. It's where you well... sit. I have NO butt whatsoever, so for me its the area at the very top of the back of my thigh, on the inside. It's very rough, and bumpy.
-Recent weight loss, followed by sudden water weight gain. I lost 15 lbs somehow, but my body is thicker and puffier than before because of the water weight thing.

Some info:
-I am 17
-I am a lesbian
-I have never had any kind of sexual contact below the belt
-Just to rule out STDs

Thank you to whoever reads all that text. All of these rapid infections are taking a real toll on my body, and I don't know how I'm going to take another one.

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