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Penis injury and split streaming

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  • Posted By: quickguide90012
  • May 16, 2009
  • 02:08 AM

This happened a long time ago. Back in February 2005, while i was masturbating i injured my penis and it had trauma caused to it. I remember i could not masterbate for around 6 months because of the injury and my penis shrunk at that time. I was 18-19 years old. I then went to my doctor and they looked at it and saw that i had some urinary tract infection but it was nothing serious according to them.

The problems that occurred after that accident was that since that day, i no longer get morning wood. When i pee, i have a split stream. When i pee, you see the urine coming out from 2 holes and the the other hole is right under the normal hole where i normally pee. The pee crosses each other but comes together but you can clearly see it is a split stream. I was 100 percent sure all this occurred b/c I injured my penis back in 2005. When i went to the doctors and urologists that i had to pay out of my own pocket b/c they didnt accept my insurance, they all told me it is okay even though when i pee there is a split stream which was why i never bothered doing anything about it since 2-3 urologists told me the same thing.

The other big problem is that i cannot masterbate like i could before the accident. The only way for me to masterbate and get hard is to sit on a chair and squeeze my two legs so my penis points straight up. That is the only way i can get hard and stay hard and ejaculate. I can no longer masterbate while standing up or any other position and this is the only way i can get hard.

Another problem is that before the accident it is easy to masterbate. Like a normal person i would just rub my penis etc. But since the accideent, i cannot do that. It seems very fragile when you touch it. It is hard to just grab it and just masterbate because it isn't possible.

I'm almost 23 years old now and i am so upset. Does anyone know if something can be done? The urologists i saw 4 years ago all told me i had no problems even though i described them all these problems i have. I no longer get morning wood, my pee split streams since when i look at my penis when i pee, there is another hole and that is where i injured my penis when i masterbated too hard and caused injury to it.

Does anyone know if a urologist or any doctor can fix any of these problems like with surgery or is it way too late? I know its been like 4.5 years already but i didn't do anything with the last few years b/c the urologists i saw all told me that i fine and i gaved up going to any more doctors. I went to these doctors like after 2 weeks after the accident but they all said it was fine.

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  • Do you have pain? Is is painful to touch the penis? I would try using some warm Vaseline to masturbate. Sometimes young men feel they need to use too much pressure. The penis is a tough organ and it is not injured that easily. When you injured it, was there blood on the penis, the tip or in your urine? If there was no blood, I don't think you did much damage. Right now I think you are just very fearful of further injury. Take it easy and try that trick with a warm lubricant and be gentle. No need to rush to orgasm just to see if you can have one. If you do have pain when you touch the penis, then I would see another doctor. Write down all of the symptoms, let them know you are serious.In the long run tho, fear and anxiety can cause our body to do some odd things. Your fear right now might be inhibiting. I would also search the net for mens health boards. Or mens sexuality boards. I know there is a board call "large penis support group". take it with a gain of salt. (LPSG.org) But at least there are a lot of men there discussing their penis. You might get more info and help there, or a similar site for men and sexuality.
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