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Peculiar Symptoms, Celiac Disease?

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  • Posted By: James2
  • May 14, 2013
  • 02:26 PM

I have been struggling with this for years, still no solution forthcoming.

Here are my general symptoms;

Preface; I take no kind of drugs except for an occaional anti histamine or NSAID, I have essentially halted these as well. I don't smoke, I don't drink caffeineated drinks. I don't drink alcohol whatsoever. I occasionally use a nasal corticosteroid for allergic rhinitis.

I have general allergic rhinitis symptoms such as sporadic eye pain/pressure, runny nose, occasional headache. Taking various oral antihistamines give me much relief, even from some of the below symptoms which makes me believe I have some level of allergic issue going on.

Wake up in the morning feeling 'decent', sometimes very good, but within an hour or two of when I eat I generally 'crash' with symptoms like being unable to concentrate, can not think clearly whatso ever. Fatigue. Depression/moodiness. Occasionally pressure/pain around eyes (After eating, not before).

This crash seems to happen nearly regardless of what I eat. Beans, potatos, various cereals, oats, rice, eggs, quinoa, soy. Quinoa, and brown/white rice in particular I have an extremely 'bad reaction' to. But if I eat extremely low carb, for instance romaine salad with no dressing, maybe with some broccoli or other unprocessed vegetables, along with some meat (beef/chicken) I usually feel much better but not really 'good', like I am missing something (more carbs?). If I eat say a plain porkchop I usually feel much better especially in combination with the salad. But this does not always work. It seems most prepackaged meats (lunchmeats, deli meats that have been preprocessed) set off this 'crash' so it is very
difficult to get good meat, I have to buy all of my meat freshly butchered. Chicken also seems to work decently, but not always. Similarly beef works decently, but not always.

Usually if I wait for say 6 hours after I eat something that causes the 'crash', which is very hard to do as my body is demanding food, my thoughts will clear up considerably and I am much more functional mentally but am very fatigued physically. Also my bowel movements practically always are either constipated or diarreah.

As I said above, taking anti histamines generally greatly lessens or eliminates symptoms - but not always - I am still not as functional as I want to be and the brain fog/moodiness is almost always present on some level. I also believe I have some level of anemia and it is hard to differentiate between the food symptoms/allergy symptoms/and possibly other symptoms.
I have checked my blood sugar countless times and I always fall within a normal range (80ish through 100ish), regardless of my symptoms. The only food that seems to cause bad blood sugar fluctuation is brown/white rice and quinoa. When I eat these foods alone I feel a 'rush' for about 20 minutes, and I feel very good. Quickly within the two hours afterward I have what I could only describe as
reactive hypoglycemia, and my blood sugar is low and I have to eat something immediately. I am afraid to even eat rice now, where rice was once my 'goto' food.

Family wise - these types of symptoms are present all over my family. My father completely avoids eating in the morning and most of the day, and instead lives off of sugar and coffee/cigarettes. Then he chows down before he goes to bed, His brother was very similar, but his sister seems very robust and healthy. His father was a very strong guy and seems to have none of these symptoms, but his mother is sickly and diabetic. He has told me most any foods cause him to 'crash' and he feels very poorly after eating. My mother is an alcoholic and mostly avoids eating, and is lactose intolerant and seems very wary of most foods. She is wasting away -
Several of her family members are alcoholic with various mental health issues, I can't help but think these things are linked.

I suspect I may be celiac, but find it very hard to follow a celiac diet with my limited food choices. I thought I might be diabetic but I have checked my blood sugar countless times at various times of the day before and after eating, before I go to bed and when I wake up - never with abnormal readings. I have suspected stuff like chrons disease, food allergies, food sensitivies. I supplement with b vitamins which have helped a bit, and I eat as much beef and pork as I can to avoid anemic symptoms.

At this point I am fighting a losing battle. I nearly lost my job due to inability to perform the most basic tasks some days. When I had health insurance I went to the doctor but, with the exception of slightly elevated albumin my general blood test was clean. I really have trouble going over all these symptoms with my doctor, and differentiating what symptoms are coming from what. I have basically given up on the doctor and now believe it is my diet that is the problem.
I was recently laid off and now I am mostly a vegetable, barely able to function in public most of the time, I had social axiety issues before, but as these problems have increased my axiety is worse due to an inability to articulate myself and poor memory.

The data I have posted above is hardly all inclusive but I feel it gives a decent over view of what is going on with me. I was just hoping someone here might be able to see something I haven't seen or a connection I can't figure out.

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