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passing out on and off for 13 years

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  • Posted By: girlwithwings29
  • July 9, 2008
  • 07:05 PM

first, i will describe what has been happening before it happens..the first time, i was in highschool attending a class about breast cancer..as the nurse went on and on i saw my vision shrinking, couldnt move my legs, i got cold, sweat started pouring off me and i was breathing like i was in labor.then i was out.

The next time, i was just sitting and it came from nowhere i stayed awake but couldnt breathe right or move.

the next time, i was in the hospital with my son and they took him in another room, i could hear him screaming, knew it was coming dropped.

It comes on like this...the world starts to shrink, i cant speak properly, i cant breathe and sweat cold..my heart flutters.i feel like im gonna die.the only thing i can do is LAY COMPLETELY FLAT.

as far as other problems i have there are a few. ,I have always had inner ear problems and infections, beginning very early because of excess wax prodution(gross)..i have migraine, i cant use traditonal medications for..because they actually make my headaches worse. i am also hypoglycemic since i was 14 (i am now 29).and of late i have been dealing with anxiety for a bad divorce. i am not on meds.i tried them. for the anxiety, they help, but this only happens when i am not on them. do any of these descriptions sound like they could be anything with a name??

help if you have any ideas, cause its getting worse, and scarier and my doc dosent know as much as i do about some things.

scared little mama:eek:

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  • does this sound like the fluttering in your heart? http://www.clarianarnett.com/ate/topics/heart_palpitations.html
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  • If antianxiety meds helped before, you may want to consider them again. There are many, many types and brands and it may take a bit of experimentation, but you CAN find one that is good for you. Stress does seem to be high in your life. And it also sounds like you need to take care of your diet and hypoglycemia.....Another possibility is blood pressure problem....my daughter has this and it is that when you stand up or are standing up for a while your blood pressure cannot easily pump the blood "up" and you faint....does this happen sometimes...you stand up quickly and it is black or takes you a while to adjust? You might want to talk to your doctor about orthostatic intolerance. Hope this helps. Joan
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  • that sites description sounds right.i have been given an ekg and they said it showed up fine..is there a chance that wasnt enough, if it was heart/blood flow related, what can cause this dr.s might miss? i have very low blood pressure.as well as angina but they said it was anxiety.what tests should i ask for? thanks,Laura:)
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  • What you are describing sounds exactly like what I have experienced during extreme panic attacks. Have you had your thyroid checked? Hyperthryoidism was what was turning my regular anxiety into attacks that often ended in me collapsing. During the bad ones, my legs and arms go numb, I have heart palpitations, I feel lightheaded, sweat, and have trouble breathing. The pressure in my chest only makes things worse. I would say try taking low doses of an anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medicine along after getting your thyroid checked. Hyperthyroid causes heart palpitations in alot of cases, which can trick a person into having a panic attack.
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  • get tested for epilepsy or b12 deficincy i had this same type of thing happen to me before i was properly diagnosed with epilepsy see a nerou doctor, trust me and let me know how you make out
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  • Has the passing out been while standing or on standing??? (orthostatic intollerance). If so try to get a "tilt table test" done. Low BP which you say you have, can also cause pass outs.
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  • Migraines are associated with a heart defect that can cause the symptoms you describe (aka "panic attacks."): http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/60698.php
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