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Pancreas "shutting down"

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  • Posted By: nurses6969
  • February 16, 2011
  • 06:41 PM

I am so lost and in need of some advice here. My Fiancee is a 40 year old male with some serious health issues.

On 11/6 he developed serious abdominal pain in which I took him to local ER department. They did blood test and CT scans and said they couldn't find reason for the pain and sent him home. (2 days later), on 11/8 he had a heart attack. They had to put 3 stents in. Anyhow while he was in for the heart attack, his family comes in upset. When he was in the ER 2 days prior his lipase level was 972U/L. (They missed that fact). Doc ran more labs on 11/9, Amylase 144U/L, lipase 947U/L. BMP was all within normal limits. He had abdominal ultrasound with nothing relevant. No stones blockages etc. 11/10 CBC within normal limits. GI guy in to see him said it was from stents being placed that it sometimes affects the pancreas. Now that would be well and good if he didn't have an elevate lipase prior to stent placement. Lipid panel all within normal limits prior to and after heart attack. He was discharged from hospital and readmitted on 11/13. Lipase 914U/l. amylase 110U/L. alt 38u/l alk phos 64U/L mag 1.7meq/l .......The doctors are scratching their heads. He is not having pancreatits. No blockages, or stones. I start thinking auto immune. follow up with doc showed lipase down to 284 and amylase 75. Yet he continues to have abdominal pain, heart burn, yellowish skin and the whites of his eyes are bright white. He continues to have chest pain issues. Tightness and very short of breath even upon rest. Cardiac doctor has cleared him as not a cardiac issue. He has had a total of 4 hospital stays in a 3 week period. So with not getting any answers to explain what is going on and the doctors scratching their heads I begin digging on the internet. After numerous blood and urine testing, the last being 5 hour gtt , in which he failed. The doctor stated to him that his pancreas is shutting down and he has no reason why. I need advice here. As I am scared to death. How does a person with no bad cholesterol have that much blockage in the heart? why isn't the pancreas breaking down sugars and fats? He can not get enough to eat but weighs 150#'s. All he wants to do is sleep. He has a hard time breathing, today he started with ulcers in his mouth. Everyday brings a new symptom that leaves us all confused. Anyone out there have any kind of advice for me. GI or Endocrinologist? Help........Julie

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