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Pale skin

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  • Posted By: Pezerinno
  • March 17, 2009
  • 11:18 PM


For some reason whenever I walk more than a few hundred meters or so my skin goes pale and I feel slightly light headed/foggy if that makes sense. This only happens when I walk and not when I do other more strenuous exercise which I can't understand. I'm fit, healthy (apart from my anxiety and related nervous stomach) male in my twenties.

Thanks for any help in advance.

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  • It sounds a little like hypotension. But, anxiety can also cause you to feel faint, dizzy, etc. Maybe for some reason, you got scared looking at your hands (hint..on a cold afternoon- blood vessels move away from skin giving a grey tint), or they just looked different and you started having some anxiety. The anxiety actually makes you feel light headed and dizzy. Now, everytime you go for a walk...you think of what happened last time & the cycle repeats. When this happens again, stop.. bend over & place your head down by your legs. This brings blood back to your head. After a few minutes, slowly raise your head to the upright position. If it is hypotension, then you will feel better bending over. Remember to breath slow, not too rapid (hyperventilate). Also bring plenty of water. Sometimes being dehydrated can also make you have symptoms of hypotension.Good Luck to you
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  • When I place my head down between my knees this does relieve my symptoms; until I start walking again anyway! Unfortunately on the few occasions I have had my blood pressure checked I get anxious which raised my BP and distords the reading.If it is hypotension what would be the cause and why doesn't it happen with more strenuous activities? Adrenaline?My close family have always had low blood pressure but never had any symptoms.Thanks for your reply :)
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  • Yes maybe have your adrenals tested. Adrenal fatigue causes hypotension. There are 2 disorders one called cushings and the other addisons. Although rare, it may be something to mention to your PCP. I would definitely ask for a referral to an endocrinologist. That way they can test all the endocrine glands for disorders. I know it is weird that it only happens during walking,but not strenuous exercise. I would say sometimes blood sugar drops rapidly, causing dizziness, hypotension, visual disturbances, etc. Also try eating a protein bar before your walks. Those South Beach cereal or Marathon snickers are really good at keeping the blood sugar stable.You may also be sensitive to adrenaline. Oh and one last thing, if low blood pressure runs in the family, then you probably do have it too.Good luck
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