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Painless sores on outer lips.

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  • Posted By: Jessi_
  • July 2, 2012
  • 01:34 PM

Hello! I'm a newbie here and I've pretty much broken the internet trying to find a solution to my problem!
Here we go:
A few years ago I got a small, PAINLESS, pimple looking sore (sore isn't the right word because they are infact, painless) on my outer lip.
I wasn't too concerned with it and it went away on it's own. But now, as I'm now in a healthy and happy relationship and have been for three years, they sometimes start to become bothersome. I've broken the internet before looking for what it could be and most times the answers point to cold sores or canker sores... Herein lies my problem, I don't have ANY of the symptoms of cold sores, no tingling, no warnings, no pain. The sores appear, they're moist, the scab up and go away. I did see my doctor about this, but he didn't even look at my lip or take any tests, he just simply said that it was a cold sore and nothing could be done about it -_- Just to be safe though, my boyfriend and I didn't kiss, share utensils or have oral sex during the time the sores are around (I know if it is a cold sore that there is viral shedding, of course) But as I said, I've been in this relationship for three years and my boyfriend hasn't exhibited any signs of cold sores, which leads me to believe what I am suffering from could possibly be canker sores. I've just found nothing on canker sores occuring outside the mouth.

A few years before this all started happening, I was very sick for two weeks straight, vomiting constantly, not being able to hold anything down at all. As a result of the vomiting, I got a mouthful of mouth ulcers that also made their way onto my lips! I looked as though I'd had a botched botox job!
I'm not sure but maybe the sickness incident has some ties to my current situation?

I treat the little blighters as though they're contageous. I even take Lysine just to be safe. I will be seeking a second opinion from a different doctor!
But I'm curious if anyone else has ever had this problem? And is it possible for canker sores to occur on the outer lips?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :D


Ps. I am also Epileptic and take Lamictal (Lamotrigine 50mg) and I'm taking a contraceptive pill as well. Just thought I'd add that!!

Thank you!

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