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Painful stuffy nose all the time

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  • Posted By: DCRody81
  • June 14, 2008
  • 01:31 AM

I have had a problem for a few years with a painful stuffy nose on one side. In the beginning, it was intermitent, but now it seems constant. Most of the time it is in my left nostril, but occasionally it changes to the right side. It used to only happen when I lie down, but now, it seems to have gotten worse over time and is more frequent. Sometimes the pain and pressure is so great that I often cannot sleep through the night, and I feel like someone put a plug up my nose or is pinching it. If I get up for a while, sometimes my nose will suddenly open with a snapping or clicking sound that relieves the stuffiness and pain completely, but it usually starts to close off again after about 15 minutes.

I don't have bad allergies, and whenever my nose is stuffy, it is dry, without any mucous discharge. It almost reminds me of the rebound effects people get from using nasal decongestants, but I haven't used those in years. Doctors have prescribed Nasonex and Rhinocort over the years for me. It helps with any occasional seasonal allergies I have, but it does nothing for the dry chronic stuffiness. I also try to avoid the oral decongestants unless I have a cold because I have hypertension, and I know the pills can contribute to it. Any ideas about what could be causing this or how I can relieve it would be most appreciated. I don't really know where to turn.

Thank you

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  • I have the same problem. When I was younger it was worst during my pregnancy but now I have it all the time. There is something called breathing cycle, it means that the blood circulation is increased in one nostril at a time and this shifts about every 5 minutes. So when the circulation is decreased, the nostril has a chance to pop open. There is a little opening between your maxillary sinus and your nose cavity. If the mucosa gets swollen this little "airing window" is closed and you easily start developing sinusitis which makes the mucosa even more swollen. It's a vicious circle. You don't always need to have a discharge to have a slight sinusitis. Actually, it doesn't have to be a full sinusitis, it can just be a swollen mucosa in the sinus. Maybe it'a a bit difficult to follow, what I'm trying to explain. In any case some noses are more sensitive than others and some tend to react with swelling. I think it's wise not to use to much nasal decongestants, you are obviously aware of the danger. But I do recommend a nose tape, I use it every night to be able to breathe. You put it on the outside and it pulls your nostrils open. It's an amazing little gadget. They have them in diffrent sizes. Good luck!!
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  • IME nasal decongestants further dry out the nasal passages and can worsen sinusitis symptoms. A better choice is MUCINEX, 1200 mg twice a day - this helps thin the mucus and help it drain out of the sinus passages. This is the first defense I use if I have sinus pain - works wonders! Also, please get a neti pot, or Dr. NeilMed's Sinus Rinse, and learn to use this twice daily, just like brushing your teeth. This helps to wash out your sinuses so the cilia can do their job of filtering out toxins. I LOVE my sinus rinse bottle, and try to use it daily. It takes a bit of practice at first, but once you get used to it it can really make a difference. Lastly, what meds are you taking for hypertension? They are notorious for having side effects that include a dry cough and dry nasal congestion.Look your meds up on www.rxlist.com for info on side effects. Best wishesDOM
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