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Painful sex

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 28, 2007
  • 06:03 PM

I am new to this site. I have had painful sex for over a year now. My Gynaecologist has suggested I have a Fentons Procedure. I have looked everywhere and I was unable to find much info about it. Can anyone help me?

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  • Fenton's procedure for an episiotomy scar Other Qs & AsGetting back to pre-pregnancy conditionI haven't enjoyed sex since a forceps deliveryI'm going bald after giving birthIs this postnatal depression?Losing weight after a pregnancyPostnatal depression or the baby-blues?Protecting the baby in the early monthsShould my vaginal tear have healed by now?Too elated after childbirth?When will my periods start again?When will my stitches dissolve?Which is the right oral contraceptive pill for me?Will my fibroids decrease in size after my pregnancy?QuestionI have scar tissue as a result of an episiotomy during the birth of my daughter.I have been offered an operation to remove the scar tissue called a Fenton's Procedure, but am worried about general anaesthetic and was wondering if there are any other options.I have tried massage over several months but this hasn't eased the pain.AnswerPlease don't worry. Fenton's procedure is a commonly performed operation in which any scar tissue that hasn't healed satisfactorily is removed.Sometimes incisions over-repair themselves, leaving a raised area within the vagina that can become sore and cause pain during intercourse. In the procedure, this scar tissue is cut out and then the edges of the new incision are placed together and re-stitched.Because the surgery is done on healed tissues (which is why such an operation is usually left until at least six months after childbirth), it is much easier to place the edges together accurately and to avoid any mismatches of tissue edges that can lead to a painful scar.Most episiotomies are repaired within hours of childbirth when the tissues of the vagina are still swollen and stretched, which can make it difficult to get as good a match to the cut edges as one would wish. This is why a small proportion of women do go on to need further surgery.Even if there are problems with an episiotomy or tear repair in the initial time after having a baby, the scar tissue will often stretch and soften of its own accord so that after a period of months, the problem will be manageable.However, every women and every scar is different in this respect, which is why Fenton's procedure is still performed.Some gynaecologists prefer to do the operation under a local anaesthetic, because it is not dissimilar to the original procedure of having an episiotomy done and then repaired. Other consultants prefer a general anaesthetic because the patient is more relaxed and the scar is easier to see.Massaging is a good idea but if there is a particularly raised area to your scar, it will probably be of limited benefit.If you are unsure of surgery just at the moment, why don't you see your consultant or GP again and ask about the possibilities of your scar resolving over time?If this seems unlikely, then further surgery would seem to be the quickest option for you to regain comfort.
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    • October 4, 2007
    • 08:53 PM
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  • Could someone please offer me advice too?! My son is 8 months old now and I'm still having a great deal of pain during sex. The specialist simply says that there is nothing he can see wrong with me, in fact he says that my vagina is in very good condition for a woman who has had a child and that I should be grateful. He keeps putting me off and telling me to go home and continue to have sex and come back in three months. My husband and I are having sex at least 5 times a week but it's making no difference!! The most my doctor says he is prepared to do is offer to give me a one off injection into the muscle but I've no idea what he means by this. I'm getting to my wits end about this. My doctor doesn't seem to believe I have a problem, he insinuates that I am using this as an excuse to avoid sex and can't believe that I'm actually having sex so regularly as he recommends if it really hurts so much. Sex played a very important role in my marriage to both my husband and myself but this situation has turned it into a painful and depressing chore, even my husband no longer wants to have sex as he can't stand hurting me....it's pushing us apart! PLease please can anyone offer me any advice or tell me what thie injection my doctor has mentioned is and if it is safe?!!!!
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    • October 15, 2007
    • 11:24 AM
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