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pain started at age 5 Im 35 and getting worse

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 18, 2007
  • 03:43 PM

I am seriously hoping that somone could shed some light on my ongoing situation. At age 5 I complained of lower back pain , mostly on sacrum and was a constant pain. Over the years i had a number of xrays and mris...and about 100 different opinions. At the age of 12 I was told to wear a back brace to stabalize my hip, si , sacrum area. Now mind you I briefly read my childhood records but found out I was born with tibial and femur torsion. ( please bare with me with medical terms) I had to wear a brace for legs at the age of three, I also I torticollis. These were things I recently found out. I have had the same doctor for 8 years and lately feel as if she has never had my best interest . Now back pain continues through my teen years some days worse than others . Ive always been a thin girl and in my 20s gained weight. At this point everytime I went to the doctors they said it was just a sprain or strain and I needed to lose weight. When I was 25I began having excrutiating pain and at this point Im having radiating pain. When I finaly go to my now doctor she perscribed percocets. I explained my history and I was under the assumption she had at least browsed thru my medical records. As the years go by I have times where I cant walk . They began taking MRIs and Im continuosly having buldging, herniated discs with now trauma. Now for some reason she begans treating me for myofascial pain. Every specialist I go to is only focused on this "myofascial pain" which I believe Ive developed but is not the problem. Now At age 35 i am disabled. I have develpoed osteoarthritist in my left hip or illiac. I get these sudden shooting pains in mid-back and lower lumbar. Patterns are like a firecracker burst of pain very sudden, unexpected and painful. I have been told t5hat I have DDD, now I have nerve damage. My neck has 4 buldging disk, bone spurs, narrowing of the canal, flattening of cord. I also have these sciatic pains above right buttock area. Recently my upper back mostly on left side has been unbearable. I also noticed that my left rib cage is somewhat pertryding out and is very painful to touch. Now In my opinion I have more than one thing going on, Ive looked into some sacrum related problems and misallignement of my spine, because i also have had scoliosis in an xray taken almost a year and a half ago. In the morning I can barely get up, my lower back is way hotter than the rest of my body. Iy kills me. My calf recently has also been swelling but no signof clot. I have a ESR rate of 62 and am anemic. I am always in pain and I wish someone could really help me in the right direction or some advice. Ive done alot of reading on potential things but obviously I need some help. I wa stold I have sever carpal tunne in right and slight in left arm. radiculopathy in left leg and sciatic in right. Im sure there's more but if need be I am open and willing to share anything else because I really need help. I also have not had my peiod for 3 months but I dont believe its related , I figured I put it out there. I know its alot please help me Im veryover whelmed and cat be a good mom because Im always in pain Please please please help thanks

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  • Everyone is putting it out there we all have similar/same sx and none of us can get a diagnosis...even after many years...even after many docs, tests...does that seem odd to you? it does to me, in this day and age, with all our technology for 30 years you haven't had an answer PLEASE read "It's a mystery until we solve it"--mommy cat there you will find a severe pattern of symptomsall agesboth sexesno matter where you are fromno matter where you've beenalso...read Contagious Joint Pain" and "Any other boards like this" the pattern will become clear you are not alone...even though it seems that way...I swear--- I'm here...mommy cat
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