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pain inside vagina - feels like tiny cuts - please help!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 24, 2009
  • 01:33 AM

I am 25 years old relatively healthy female. I have pain that feels like a cut on the lower right side about an inch inside on the vaginal wall but seems to radiate. it is a dull pain for a most of the month until about a week before my period when the pain becomes much more severe (like a stabbing feeling) and is accompanied by an abnormal amount of discharge, a tightening feeling inside the vagina, lower abdominal pain and sometimes pain during orgasm.

I have had the pain for about two years now. It started kind of over night and I thought maybe I cut myself or irritated myself with a tampon so I went to the obgyn and she told me I had a fizzure and prescribed me antibiotic ointment which i never used. I was tested for HSV, BV, HPV, and chlamidia and all stds. I tested negative for everything except HSV-1 but there was no apparent ‘sore’ and several swabs of the area have tested negative. She told me 80% of people will test positive for the hsv-1 antibodies in their system so she ruled this out.

I just kind of learned to live with it because I was not sexually active until a year ago when I had sexual intercourse but had to stop because it was so painful. It felt like there were more cuts further inside on the vaginal walls. I went back to the gyno for a second round of tests again tested negative for everything, except hsv-1, but again no apparent sores and swabs of the area tested negative. I did test positive for e-coli which i think happened because I tried to wipe so carefully be cause of pain. I went through round of antibiotics and still no change.

Again I learned to live with it again until recently a new sexual partner came into my life. He attempted to go inside my vagina with his fingers and all I could feel was the pain on the lower right side it was rubbing against and stopped him. Again I went back to the gyno the same round of tests and no explanations. The doctor said that i was pointing to the bartholin gland but there was no cyst. he gave me another round of antibiotics but still no change. Again a person is gone from my life because I am too embarrassed to tell the real reason I am not having sex with them.

It is that time of the month where the pain is most severe and I am at my wits end. I am just looking for answers. I have spent hours and hours and hours looking on the internet and I was thinking that maybe if I just told my story someone could help me.

These are my questions

could it be hsv-1? Could I have a continual ‘outbreak’ for two years without a visible sore and negative swab tests?

How can I tell if it is candida?
How can I tell if it is vaginal ulcers? I do get canker sores in my mouth, maybe these are somehow related?
Could it be lichen disease? I am young and in good health and this usually happens to women after menopause.
Could i have an infection of the bartholin gland other than a cyst?

Any Help would be appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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  • I here you girl, I have had the same thing for years and it usually occurs around my period. I have never tested positive for anything either, but can't figure this out. You are not alone and I am continuing to search. Shell
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  • I have this problem too. In my case it starts in 2 places. The skin above my clitorus and then down by my perineum. It gets better and then worse when I am sexually active. I am 28. My fiance knows what is going on and it does disturb our sex life, I have been negative for everything. The way I found to deal with it and keep it not as bad is that in the morning and a few times a day. I wipe with a damp washcloth to keep the area clean and make sure that urine is not irrating it. It usually clears up faster. Avoid soaps because they irratate and mess up your normal vaginal balance. Just warm water and gently wipe. If yours is inside, you could try just a warm water duche. No vinegar or anything. Hope this helps. You are not alone.
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  • i have a question it seem i have the same problem im very young 17 :( and was wondering if you guys used condoms before you guys got this painful feeling
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    • August 19, 2011
    • 09:30 PM
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  • Oh my gosh this site does NOT make it quick to register just to asnwer one question! Anyway, I have had similar pain in the past including on the outside as well, tiny little cuts, they told me it was lichen sclerosus even though i've read that usualy it's only women after menopause or right at puberty and then it goes away too. Then my doctor said it's rare but it can happen to someone of any age but that most likely more women have it but they just don't even go to a doctor about it because they are embarrassed. In my case they kept testing me for the same STDs over and over for YEARS. I'd bring lichen sclerosus up to you doctor and see what they say. Even though I'm treated for it, and the doctor said she was sure I had it, the biopsy came back negative....tell that to my cut up painful body right? I also heard that even tho i only have it on the outside, that it can be on the inside as well. Good luck. If you find anything I would love for you to send a message to me on HolyDrySkinBatman.com because I'm trying to get people with odd skin issues to talk to each other on my site and make more unheard of problems more recognized so if this fits your issue it would be great if you shared your story or anything on my site if you're comfortable.
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    • September 1, 2011
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