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Pain in tip of penis after encounter other mild symptoms (6 months undiagnosed)

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 12, 2009
  • 06:50 AM

I am on my 6th month of pain at the tip of the penis and have made thousands of dollars of claims to my insurance with no answers.

The incident stemmed after an encounter with a female massage parlor *********e, I did purchase a condom but at the time of the incident, I got nervous as she performed the act. I did look down at my penis during and I could swear I saw the bubble tip of the condom that she applied.

4 days later I noticed blood at the beginning of urination, scared I went to the ER and they pretreated me with rosesepphin (sp?) and some huge antibiotics as a pretreatment. Tested negative for goneria and chlamydia.

Week later extreme itching over the penis, testicles and anus lasted for 3 weeks no outbreaks.

About a month later went to local STD clinic tested for syphilis, ghonneria and chlamidia again and was negative including HIV.

Things leveled out for a maybe a day then woke up with the tip of the penis inflamed 2x in size. Went to general doctor have me heavy steroid cream and applied daily, I am also uncircumcised and by leaving the foreskin and medicated down I developed what I think was balanitis (inflammation of the head of penis) also was not washing area regularly for fear of “spreading” something to that area… penis head looked either too white, sometimes purple, or really red.

Even went swimming and penis looked purple and pink at the head…. Stopped using medication and it cleared up. At this time also had HSV 1 and 2 test – all cleared.

Went to two urologist thought it was prositis, given doxycyline and ciprofloxacin both at 1 month intervals, no changes, also had cytoscopy of bladder everything looked great.

Later months developed an itching in anus and most recently developed a pain almost feels like swelling on the right side of my abdominal area, kind of worries me because some organs other important things in that area.

At my 6th month I went back to the std clinic and was rechecked for everything including hiv and the ones mentioned above and I am sure these will come back negative.

If I was to walk into a Dr office today, they would see a 100% normal looking penis, no lesions warts, maybe a dark smudge on the shaft of the penis, that no Dr would take seriously. With the pain that I am in I know at some point something is going to give or develop I just don’t know what…

I understand that anxiety could be causing this but at the same time I am past the point of anxiety, I don’t much to live for anymore, I have shut down and I really don’t care about anything. No matter where I am at, how much fun I am having or if I wake up in the night, I have the same symptoms.


PS- right after the sexual encounter I started a new job and was tucking my undershirt into my tight underwear (tight brief style) with dress shirt over it and white deodorant was pooling in my underwear, at one point where one clump was sitting I developed a flaky dry skin clumps developed, could dermal absorption of deodorant have caused my problem?

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