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Pain from head to toes. Lots of symptoms. It got worst after a head injury

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  • Posted By: L344500
  • September 4, 2010
  • 09:56 PM


- I had Asthma like symptoms when I was a child. I think it went away when I turn 7 or 8. ( this was back in Africa)
- I would get nausea whenever my mom or someone was baking or have the oven on in the kitchen. The heat would make me nausea.
- irregular heartbeats( I started to experience this around age 11 to 14) doctor said it was the lowel part. nothing to be worry about.
- Once a month , I would get a flu like symptoms for a day or 2 , tired , slight fever. ( but everything was still normal, I had lots of energy)

--- I experience what felt like a concussion. But at that time I just thought i got my bell ring. around age 16 to 17 ( everything was still normal)


- I was knock out by the impack for about 45 mins to an hour
- 1st symptoms after my head injury was a sharp pain from my lowel abdominal down down to my groin area.
- Sensations in my arm forearm. Feels like pain in my vein.. & I just started getting weaker & weaker & tired
- Sensations running from the back of my head down to my neck..
- funny feelings in my head, head aches, abdominal pain, acid reflux / heartburn
- Chest pain , anxiety attacks, sleep problems, sinus problems
- constipations, balance problems, extreme fatigue, muscle spams, testicular pain, extreme low sex drive, dizziness, chills( sometimes), numbness& tingling in my limps, joints pain inall my joints, pains in my lower left abdomen , in the front of my stomach & back .
- fullness feeling on my left side of stomach
- difficulty articulating words, problems with my thoart, hoarness, twiching of eye lids & different parts of muscle
- I also get what feels like a shock of electricity in the bottom of my stomach
- When I get hungry, if I don't get right away, I get nausea, & I have fainted / past out, inner body temps gets high. only goes down by putting ice on the back of my head.
- trouble concentrating, brain fog, stiffness of joints, forgetfullness, spasms on the side of my left stomach, I get sick after eating too rice or drink beer, that never happen b4 .
- drowsness, twiching on left side of face
- puffness on face
- fatigue , often accompanied by nonrestorative sleep
- muscle & joint pain , dark skin patches on hands & feet
- Fluid retention , shortness of breath.. sometime it wakes me up
-difficulty swallowing
- confusion , inability to think clearly, concentration
-coordinations problems, decreased libido
--right hip is stiff, excessive sweating
-pain started on my left elbow, stay there for months, could not lift up a pen without it hurting . It has now move to my right elbow. It goes & come
- vomiting & puffiness in my face
- between year 2007 to 2008. I started drinking raw fruits & vegetables. My body responded to that in a positive way. My reaction got quicker , my mind was clearer , no muscle pain. This would last for a couple of hours. But in the spring of 2009. After drinking 1 of these home made drinks, I got nausea & vomited. I try a few times after that, but still felt nausea.
- had some blood done 6 months ago, carbon dioxide & creatinine level was high. and vitamin D level was at 9. ( very low)
- at 1 time things were so bad I was able to move my vein on my knee back & forth. It would even get stuck sometimes.

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