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Pain Disorder diagnosis that doesn't make since

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  • Posted By: jamie76
  • January 22, 2010
  • 04:01 AM

I was told yesterday that I have Chronic Pain Disorder. No specific pain disorder just pain disorder. This may not seem like a strange statement in it's self but the story of what brought me to the diagnosis might change that. about three months ago I woke up with a sore tailbone. Extremly sore and I hadn't done anything to it. After a few days of ice and tylnol it hadn't improved so I saw my docter. I explained that I hadn't done anything but it felt like I had broken it. The Docter examined me and said that she didn't see anything wrong and sent me for an xray that did not show any issues and treated me for a sprain with Mobec and Flexeral and told me to come back in two weeks. In that two weeks the pain became unbearable and moved into my mid back and I started having pains running down my legs. So she changed the mobec to vicodene and gave me steriods and sent me fo an MRI. Before I got the MRI I woke up with excutiating pain one morning that was so bad that when I stood up my right leg started jerking and I feel back into the bed. I went to the ER and was treated with morphine and steriods and sent home to rest. The next day I found out that the MRI showed a herniated disk at the l4-l5. Was sent to a spinal pain specilist that treated me with out seeing the actual mri with two spinal epiderals that did not help and an increase in the pain meds which did not help. She did perscribe Neurontin which has helped. The entire time my pain has increased. I also had numbness start in my feet and the insides of my legs which led to a second ER visit with the same outcome.

My Docter was not happy with my progress so he sent me to a neurosurgen. The nuero looked at my MRI's and talked to me for a bit and told me that there is no way that my herniated disk could be causing as mch pain as I am in and that I have a Chronic Pain Disorder. Took me off the Vicodene, which is fine because it really doesn't help much and added Amitripiline to my medications. Which I have n ot take long enough to know if they help.

The thing is I don't know enough about Chronic pain disorders to know if I agree with the diagnosis. But I have a few concerns. One is isn't "Chronic" defined as six months or longer? Two by the research i've done there are many forms of Chronic Pain Disorders and not all are the same and there not all treated the same. Third is it realy just diagnosed that way. I can understand if the Disk is not damaged enough to cause the pain but is that really the only other thing that can cause the pain that I am in. Is it really herniated disk or being pain in the rest of my life? And even though the DR said that it's not all in my head several times I felt like that was what was between the lines. Maybe it was the fact he said it like four times or maybe it was that the first step in his treatment plan is to visit a physicaitrist.

I did set the shrink appointment and plan on scheduling an appointment with my primary who is a DO tomorrow but I would like to know what if any other test or diagnosis to check. I'll accept the Pain Dissorder diagnosis if I have to but I want to make sure nothing else is being missed first.

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