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operated on me still got the same symptoms could this be something diffrent?

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  • Posted By: milz123
  • April 21, 2007
  • 09:45 AM

hey im 15 years old and i posted this on medical errors but someone told me to post it on here. So i was wondering if anyone can help me... i was in hospital 8 weeks ago with a suspeted appendicitas! they thought it was appendix so they did a lapascopic appendisectomy! well that all went well untill i woke up and still had the pain. The doctor said it could just be pain from the operation so i thought ok. He said it was only mildly inflammed. I had quite a bad reaction to the annathesic so i was in hospital for a week, i went home and i still had the pain and the diarrhea and occasionally sick. I've been back and forward to the doctors but they just put it down to the operation still. I started to have a really big fever and being sick and diarrhea again last weekend so my mum took me into hospital and i had to stay in for the weekend on a drip and medication anway they let me home and they said it was just a bug. This was untill i had to go back to the doctors two days ago with severe pain and mucus in my diarrhea/ very loose watery stools. Im also very tired all the time and very moody this is affecting my life a great deal and getting to the stage where i cant handle this anymore. My gp addmitted me to the hospital and they said they can't do anything and that i will just have to wait untill i have blood tests and some other tests done. could someone please please give me some advice on what to do or what this could be im only 15.:confused:

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  • i don't have answers to what it is u may have. BUT, just so you know there is a good reason for ur concern.....i was diagnosed with the same...and admitted into hospital...they said if they didn't remove my appendix it would burst and i'd die......i was convinced it wasn't the appendix and signed the form...and left.....had the symptom's for a while , but all better now...all gone
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  • Hi- I was the one who said you should post here. This board is always filled with posts so chances are someone will be able to offer more advice than the other one. My take on your situation is one of two possibilities. It's possible you are still having problems as a result of the surgery. If you are (or were) on antibiotics, it can cause GI problems like inflammatory colitis. Also, because of your body's reaction to the surgery itself, it looks like you haven't recovered adequately yet. Of course it's just as likely you have another problem causing this. Have you had any kind of imaging done of your abdomen? I suspect the doctors used an ultrasound to examine your appendix. Maybe you should get a CT scan so they can get a better look at the area. Ultrasound is somewhat crude when it comes to diagnosing many things. You definitely need a celiac panel to rule out celiac disease as well as thyroid testing. Please make sure to post the test results you're waiting for when they arrive.
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  • I have very simialr simptoms, Not the same bowel problems but I had my gallbladder out in hope of an end!I went vegetarian a week or so ago and all is well, no mood swings, constipation, and no pain! It worth a shot. Hope you figure it out!nineyears! age 27
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  • thank you for the information im really worried now because i woke up this morning with mucus and blood in my stool! i was in tears because of the pain my mum phoned the doctor this morning and they said it could take up to a month to get my blood results back!
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  • check this out www.ahummingbirdsguide.com see how many sx you have. from what you wrote, you have quite a few already...good luck...mommy cat
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  • thanks for the information everyone i was recently admitted into hospital again and have been in for 2 weeks i had a colonscopy done and it was they worse experience of my life! it was really painful aswel! anyway i got sent home and have to back in on tuesday! they said i had a very inflammed colon is what he could see and he took 7 biopsies! what does a inflammed colon mean? im really scared about getting my results could it be anything serious? please reply
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  • anyone can you give me some advice i got my results and i showed nothing im really confused because he said i had a inflammed colon but the biopsies showed nothing could anyone suggest what i should do next?
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  • My Husband had appendicitis a while back. Had the appendectomy as you did. He had pain for almost a year after surgery. He did not have the rest of your symptoms though. I would find another doctor if you were my child. Evidently, this doc's not working very hard to find the cause of your problem. I really hope you feel better soon.
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  • Have they done a stool test? Did they check for clostridium difficile bacteria? You must ask this specifically - they won't normally test for this. Please make sure they tested for this as it can cause inflammatory colitis and it is horrible...this is directly caused by antibiotic use. Also, have they tested for celiac disease? I would hope so. Celiac can cause an inflammed colon. If your docs haven't tested for these things, then Get another DOC!! They sound like they are dropping the ball on this. In the meantime, get the best quality PROBIOTIC you can find - look for ones with several strains of beneficial bacteria, including acidopholus, rhamnosis, b. bifidum and others. JarroDophilus EPS is very good. You can find this at any good healthfood store, or online at www.vitacost.com. A PROBIOTIC will help rebuild your intestinal flora and should help your symptoms. Do you have normal periods? Painful periods? Nausea or vomiting? Do you still feel feverish? I am sorry for all that you are going through - hang in there!Best wishesDOM
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  • hi thanks for the information again yes the did a stool test when i was admitted the other week... but i never got told the results.No they havent tested for celiac disease and that is what i was thinking i had? how do they test for celiac disease? and what should i say to the doctor about this? would a colonoscopy show celiac disease? ever since i started having these problems my periods have become irregular they used to alway be on time but now their not. Their also very heavy. I get the fever every now and again thanks for the info i would appreciate any more info if you have some as im fed up of this im a 15 year old girl with no life :( please help me
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  • okay my mum phoned the doctor to mention celiac disease and the doctor said that they already tested me for that from the colnoscopy but i thought a colnoscopy cant show if i have celiac disease? can someone please tell me if i am right here? please help me
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  • ok please someone help me i had a hospital appointment today with the dietician and she said well im a little bit confused as to what you have as they said you had a inflammed colon but they havent gave you a diagnosis?? im also confused with this so can anyone help me on that? she also told me that they had set up a appointment with my seurgeon (the seurgeon who did my appendix) why would i need to see him baring in mind that its been 3 months since ive had them out! could anyone help im really fed up i have also started noticing my belly hurts more when i eat! so i feel like i just want to starve myself :( can anyone please please give me some information
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  • I really feel you need to be addressing these questions to your doctors. Please don't let them off the hook - they need to give you all of your test results, and a diagnosis! THEY need to be telling you why they made the appt with your surgeon.:confused: I hope you get some answers - keep us posted/Best wishesDOM
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  • I just wanted to let you know how simular your story is to mine my god it is like a mirror image after about 2 years of no answers my dr suggested cutting out dairy and just giving it a shot I thought come on i am 26 how can i have that kindof allergy now. but in all reality i have always had it it just got really bad lately. I have always been sick to my stomach alot. Nervous stomach, but now i didnt even want to leave the house because of this new condition. It took about 2 wks to feel really fully better. I am not a registered user here but if you want to email me directly I would be more than happy to answer any furthere questions. kswsas@yahoo.comGood Luck i hope something works
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  • milz...pain, diarrhes loose and watery...mucous in stool...fever...tired...moody...feel like you have the "bug"??????????????? PLEASE visit www.ahummingbirdsguide.com There are countless people on this site having similar symptoms look whre I;ve posted...you will see them I have ALL of your symptoms and many moream being tested for ME right now where do you live??? USA???another country?? Please remember it doesn't matter where you live...it's world wide Look at symptoms page...there are 2 papragraphs of symptomsread the whole pagetake info to docI fired old doc and got a new one to listed...yeah!!Good Luck little one...mommy cat
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