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One night stand HELP PLS

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 27, 2008
  • 08:04 PM

I recently cheated on my husband. I have no STDs, have always had clean paps and checkups. We have been together over 10 years and have children. I have never cheated before.

We had intercourse twice, and it wasnt for very long. There was some brief genital to genital contact before the condom was put on. I am very concerned that I may have contracted an STD.

My question is, how soon after intercourse would you notice visible signs if you did contract anything? I am very concerned about HPV as there is a bump after, and some pain around the bottom of my vulva. If I had HPV would it show up right after if it was from him? I know it can stay dormant in your system for a long time. I also notice a white discharge with a foul odour. It has been roughly three days since my loss of judgement.

Any input is greatly appreciated. Please dont judge me though, believe me, I know what I have done. I will be going to my Dr. for a pap very soon. I just need some input so I dont go crazier than I already feel, and have no one to talk to about this!!

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  • tell your doctor you need to see him today...sounds like you got something...the std clinic won't do a pap, however...get blood test for herpes 2 and syphilis, too...
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  • it usually takes 2 weeks for the std to kick in. it might take longer for symptoms to kick in, if they ever do. i would wait 2 to 3 weeks b4 u go.
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  • If you haven't already, tell your husband? I would... At the end of the day, whilst this is me being morally correct, I'm guessing it's not something you'll be able to hide... I think his support would be worthwhile.As for the actual problem, contact the guy you had sex with... He might know something that you don't.
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  • Stop worrying and don't be so ******n yourself. We are only human after all. Tell your husband you love him and forgive yourself. Life is too short.Teresa
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  • I know that you're scared. It sounds like you made a mistake, realized it too late, and now are terrified about *all* the consequences. I've been there, and I know how scary it can be. I remember checking myself obsessively for symptoms, becoming certain that every little bump was a death sentence.I'm not saying not to get yourself checked out - that's the first thing you should do. Trust me, putting it off is *not* going to make you feel better. If there's a waiting period on any test results you want, might as well get started on getting that out of the way. I'm not a doctor and am not claiming to be, but I'm not sure that a single "bump" somewhere around the vulva and some discharge so quickly appearing after the contact is *necessarily* something to be worried about. Like I said, See Your Doctor. But one thing you should consider: some of your reaction to your body could also be attributable to guilt over the affair? Whether or not you tell your husband is obviously up to you, but you should be checked out and have a clean bill of health before you have unprotected sex with him (your husband) again, just in case. Just do it! You'll feel better knowing, one way or the other.Wishing you peace,P
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  • Many Gyn Drs do not test for all STDs. Go to planned parenthood. Tell them you have had unprotected sex with a new partner and ask them to test you for HIV,Chlamydia ,Gonorhea and syphlis etc. Many STDs do not have symptoms until much later and can cause Pelvic inflammatory disease or worse. If you do not want your health insurance to know tell them you are uninsured.
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    • January 25, 2009
    • 04:50 AM
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