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One Eye Bulging - no tumor thyroid ok

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  • Posted By: CatsVillage
  • December 5, 2007
  • 07:11 PM

I and the doc's are baffled, perhaps someone out there can help. My left eye suddenly began to bulge, about 5mm. I've had a catscan that came back with no tumors showing, my blood tests come back with normal range thyroid, etc. Nothing showing inside the eye as to what could be trouble.
I have no pain in or around the eye. My lids, both upper and lower, seem to be somewhat swollen, but slightly. The redness of the white part comes and goes. I do have dry eyes, I am post menopause age, and some corneal damage from the dryness is indicated.
Certainly a mystery. If anyone can suggest something or have had similar situation, I'd appreciate your sharing.

thank you. from Granny in Canada

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11 Replies:

  • Have you ever had any other swellings in any other part of your body?
    aquila 1,263 Replies
    • December 10, 2007
    • 08:44 PM
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  • periorbital cellulitis?
    rad-skw 1,605 Replies
    • December 11, 2007
    • 10:31 AM
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  • Is it the entire eye bulging? What about Keratoconus?
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • December 12, 2007
    • 01:16 AM
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  • My sons father has had the same thing that i just noticed in his left eye. He has high blood pressure so i think it may be associated with that. I will let you know if after dr. appt he finds out anything. So you did have your thyroid checked?
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • January 26, 2009
    • 03:18 AM
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  • I too have the doctors stumped. My left eye is bulging 4mm according to my cat scan. I too have no tumor. It started about 6 months ago. My thyroid is acting normal according to some bloodwork that was done. I have no pain. Unlike you I have no swelling of eyelids. No dry eye. No other symptoms. I am female in my early 30's and have no other health conditions or medications. I am not overweight and eat healthily. Ophthamologist thought it might be immune related. Currently I'm just letting time pass to see if it gets worse or other symptoms develop but it's very frustrating just waiting without a diagnosis.
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  • I too have the same symptoms. My right eye was bulging when I was pregnant but It has receded significantly.According to my cat scan I too have no tumor. It started about a year ago. My thyroid is normal as per tests done. I have no pain. I have no swelling of eyelids. a bit of dry eye. No other symptoms. I am female in my late 20's. I want to believe it was because of the pressure due to pregnancy
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • February 26, 2010
    • 11:42 AM
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  • I am a healthy 29 yr old female from Australia.I have been getting the apparent "periorbital cellulitis" for the past 18 months!It is driving me crazy! I do not want to be on antibiotics for the rest of my life!I first thought it was from plucking my eye brows, but I've been doing that for the past 15 years with no probs!I'm always hygenic, I eat well (although sometimes indulge in chocolates), take some vitamin tablets sometimes.I've been using some piercing spray on my eye brows after a shower, and that kept it away for a while.When one of my eyes have swollen, it has changed from eye to eye, I do notice sore lumps in my groin .. I'm assuming it's my lymph nodes when I'm run down.I'm getting worried now though, after reading into it some more (since my Dr doesn't think it's too serious), I've been a bit drowsy/dizzy lately, defintely sensitive to light, and slight blurred vision - I might need glasses!? I have recently had an itchy rash on the backs of my thighs and some small pink dots on my lower legs.I'm really hoping it's not spreading to my brain, Meningitus or maybe getting a brain abcess!I've never had anything recurring this much before and it's really really annoying!Can anyone please help, I don't want to rush and get brain scans or anything, but there is obviously some sort of bug in me, that will not go away!
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • October 29, 2010
    • 11:32 AM
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  • Hi. Do any of you suffer from severe headaches or had a particulary bad headache just before your eyes started bulging? Is just that i did, and had same problem along with a droopy eye lid. Bad head, burning stabbing piercing sensation from back of eye. Caused nerve damage also . Eventually diagnosed with cluster headaches which is worse than migraine. All controlled now with drugs and high flow oxygen and damage reversed itself. Hope you guys all get sorted too
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • October 31, 2010
    • 01:11 AM
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  • Maybe check out graves disease http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/g/graves_disease/intro.htm
    gr8tful 175 Replies
    • November 2, 2010
    • 04:06 AM
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  • Hi. I also have the same condition. My left eye is also bulging. I started to notice it in 2006, and the doctor defined it as "hardly noticed". I had also CAT scan but no tumor is seen. I also had my blood tests done, no thyroid problem at all. In general, the tests showed I am healthy.But my left eye is graduallly bulging. Early this year, 2010, I already seen neurologist and done MRI with brain. And all negative with medical condition. Brain is healthy and has no tumor. Months ago, I also seen Opthalmologist and checked up my eyes, I have dry eye (left) because of protrusion but he just prescribed me with eye lubricant.Now, I am so conscious about my left eye. I was confident and friendly before. But the bulging of my left eye hinders me now because my friends already notice it. Please help. I will visit this site time to time to see what you share.Thanks and God bless to you all.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • November 26, 2010
    • 06:31 AM
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  • Hello all, I am suffering with the same. I Do Have headaches and pain in the left eye. It is gradually getting worse. My doctor said I could have been TMJ related but never got to follow up due to insurance problems. But like the previous person mentioned I am very self conscious now and it is ver noticeable in pictures. also I am 27 now and been having this issue since 21 years old thanks guys.
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